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Golden Theatre, New York
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Golden Theatre seating chart

Golden Theatre Seating Chart

The Golden Theatre has a capacity of 787 seats, including 451 seats in the Orchestra , 110 seats in the Front Mezzanine and 226 seats in the Rear Mezzanine. Use our interactive seating chart to view 62 seat reviews and 56 photos of views from seat.

Venue overview

The John Golden Theatre, originally the Theatre Masque, first opened in 1927 as a new addition to the Chanin Brothers’ portfolio of Broadway venues. It was renamed after actor, playwright and producer John Golden when he assumed ownership of the theater from 1937-46.

As part of a three-theater complex including the large Majestic Theatre and mid-size Royale Theatre (now the Bernard B. Jacobs), the Golden Theatre’s ownership transferred to the Shubert brothers in 1930, and since 1946 it has been owned exclusively by the Shubert Organization. Herbert J. Krapp, a familiar name on Broadway thanks to his prolific work as a theater architect, designed the Golden Theatre with Spanish influences, including spiral columns and arches inside. Its main feature is its small and intimate auditorium, perfect for plays and with impressive views from every seat.

The Golden Theatre opened in 1927 with the rather muted Puppets of Passion, before really hitting its stride in the 1950s and 60s. Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot (1956) premiered here, and since then a roster of Pulitzer Prize-winning plays have landed on the Golden’s stage including The Gin Game (1977) and Glengarry Glen Ross (1984). Since the turn of the century, stars including Eddie Redmayne (Red, 2010), Glenn Close (A Delicate Balance, 2014) and Lupita Nyong’o (Eclipsed, 2016) have all trodden the boards at the Golden Theatre, making it a must-visit for anyone wanting to catch Hollywood’s brightest in an intimate drama.


The Golden Theatre is a smaller venue, with around 802 seats spread across the ground-floor Orchestra and the Front and Rear Mezzanines. The Orchestra is the largest section, with three blocks of seats divided by aisles. Although the best views are from the central part of the Orchestra, even seats at the sides are much better than expected at this venue. In the elevated balcony, the Front Mezzanine is very popular for its close but sweeping sightlines, whilst the cheaper Rear Mezzanine is surprisingly good value for money, with no seat feeling too distant or obstructed.


• Children under four are not permitted into the theater
• No accessible restroom; patrons can use one in the adjacent Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
• Step-free access from street level to the Orchestra
• Coat check is available, but doesn’t accept strollers or furs

Good value seats

There are plenty of good value seats in the small and intimate Golden Theatre, with the very reasonably priced Rear Mezzanine and row D in the Front Mezzanine great choices for theatergoers on a budget. The back half and sides of the Orchestra are also cheaper than premium and benefit from the venue’s intimate size.

Premium seats

The front rows in the Center Orchestra offer unparalleled close-up views, with premium seats extending as far back as row K. Rows A and B in the Front Mezzanine are also excellent, with comprehensive yet detailed sightlines for patrons who prefer a bit of distance.

Recent seat views

Rear Mezzanine F5

andrewg33 16 reviews
Golden Theatre Rear Mezzanine F5 view from seat photo

Since the Golden is long and skinny, the seat feels far away from the stage. Even though this seat is all the way house left, I didn't miss any of the action on stage. However, you're far enough away that you definitely miss some of the nuances of the... More

Saw Hangmen Hangmen on 29 February 2020


0 votes

Rear Mezzanine C112

BriT 34 reviews, 2 helpful votes
Golden Theatre Rear Mezzanine C112 view from seat photo

Since the mezzanine is very raked and the seats well staggered the view of the stage is not blocked and I got full view without having to constantly shift or move my head. Seat wasn’t that comfortable though and not the best legroom (I could feel the... More

Saw Hangmen Hangmen on 28 February 2020


0 votes

Orchestra L111

ag13 5’6”, 19 reviews
Golden Theatre Orchestra L111 view from seat photo

Legroom was limited and comfort/space was OK, you are in the dead center of the row so lots of folks immediately surrounding you in your seat. For a shorter person like me, the legroom was decent but any taller you may be a bit cramped here. Otherwise,... More

Saw Slave Play Slave Play on 30 October 2019


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