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The Shed, New York
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The Shed Capacity

The The Shed New York has a capacity of 533 seats.Use our interactive seating chart to view 14 seat reviews and 14 photos of views from seat.

The Griffin Theater at The Shed is an intimate, adaptable Off-Broadway venue with one level of seating. When in thrust stage configuration, the Center section is the largest, facing head-on to the stage. There are smaller Left and Right seating blocks on either side of the stage.

The size, layout and stadium-style seating at this venue mean that the view from seat is very good from any area, and its modern design promises more comfort and legroom than any Broadway venue and some Off-Broadway venues too.

Venue Overview

Located on the 5th floor of the multipurpose Shed arts space, the Griffin Theater is one of the youngest and most dynamic Off-Broadway venues in New York. With audience experience and flexibility at the heart of its work, theatergoers wanting to see some of the most exciting cultural events in the city should look no further than this small but innovative space, just 15 minutes away from the bright lights of Broadway.

The Shed opened on April 5 2019 and has fast built a reputation as a leader in New York’s cultural growth. It has showcased a huge variety of exhibitions, events, talks and concerts, including Björk's Cornucopia series. Its flexibility is not just in its programming; the building itself has an incredible shell that can expand or contract to accommodate a variety of events.

Inside The Shed, the Griffin Theater was conceived as an adaptable smaller space that can accommodate thrust staging and other layouts for different performances. It has already hosted some big names you might expect to see on Broadway including Ralph Fiennes in Straight Line Crazy and the premiere of Sondheim’s final musical, Here We Are.

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The Shed Seating Chart

Good Value Seats

Seats above 105 in the Left and Right blocks, especially those in the back rows, are some of the best value seats in the Griffin Theater. These cheap tickets give a side view of the stage and sometimes performers will have their back to you, but the view is impressively unobstructed and close-up.

Premium Seats

The best views in The Shed’s Griffin Theater are in the center of rows A-E. These premium seats in the Center block are the perfect distance from the stage, with a good rake and excellent view. If you want to take in everything from a slight distance while still appreciating details, these are the best seats to buy.

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