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Vivian Beaumont Theater

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Loge Guide

The Loge comprises five blocks curving towards the stage and a capacity of 361. Set fairly far back, it can feel a little distant and some visitors report that sound quality is compromised towards the rear. However, on the whole the Loge is excellent for clear views of the set, especially at big musicals. Legroom is restricted for taller theatergoers so aisle seats should be prioritized where possible.

The front and center rows offer the best views, with seats at the extreme sides more likely to be restricted. The Beaumont Theater Loge benefits from stadium-style seating which means obstructions from people in front will be minimal even in the cheapest seats at the back and sides. 

For best overall sightlines, opt for the front two rows in the center. Alternatively, rows D and E of Center Left and Center Right are great value for money if you don’t mind missing the smaller details of a performance.


The bar is on the Lobby level of the Beaumont Theater. Water fountains are available next to the restrooms.


There are four unisex restrooms by the Lobby, downstairs from the Loge. These are shared with the Orchestra.

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