New Wimbledon Theatre Dress Circle

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The Dress Circle is split into two large blocks of seating, with a smaller triangle section by a central aisle. This section is well-raked and provides clear, unobstructed views.

A small safety rail runs along the front of the balcony, but does not create any restrictions apart from at the ends of rows B-E. Seats towards the ends of rows give a side-view of the stage and may have limited legroom. The Upper Circle overhang affects Row M and back, but only slightly, as the majority of the stage can still be seen.

The best seats are in the centre of the Dress Circle, as they offer a head-on view of the stage. Seats J17-21 have excellent legroom as there are no seats in front of them.


The Piano Bar is available at the Dress Circle level and is not accessible for wheelchair users.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are available on this level.