New Wimbledon Theatre Upper Circle

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The Upper Circle is divided into three blocks of seating by two aisles. The section is well-raked with head-on views, which means audience members will not obstruct the overall view. Seats towards the rear do feel very steep.

A safety rail across the front of the balcony can cause restrictions for those in the first three rows. Further obstructive rails are dotted through the centre, affecting seats towards the middle. Safety rails can be avoided in seats 5-6, 17-23 and 29-32. The theatre ceiling can provide an obstruction in Row J and back.

Row A provides very good views of the stage, especially if leaning past the safety rail. Legroom is generally good in the Upper Circle, however seating can feel narrow and cramped. It is best to sit in the front few rows of this section.


The Piano Bar is available at the Dress Circle level and is not accessible for wheelchair users.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are available on this level.