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The Stalls a vast section, offering excellent views of the stage throughout. A large aisle divides the section into two behind Row H, allowing for extra legroom in Row J. A reasonable rake allows audience members to see past any heads of other patrons. Seats are comfortable with good legroom.

Seats towards the centre are preferable as they offer the best overall view. Seats towards the ends of the rows will offer side-views, but are not necessarily restricted. Seats in rows AA-CC are sometimes removed for an orchestra pit, but when they are available it is best to sit further back, otherwise footwork in musicals may be missed.

The Dress Circle overhang affects Row M and back, cutting off the top of the stage. This severely affects rows R-W. Some may find the sound box to be a distraction and are advised to sit further forward.


There is a bar available in the Stalls which is accessible for wheelchair users.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are available on this level. There are large adapted toilets available on the Stalls level, located at the rear of the seating.