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Grand Opera House York

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    The Stalls is one large block of seating, with vertical aisles that run either side. There is a Box either side of the house, toward the front of the seating, which give side-angled views of the stage. Rows are wide and face the stage head-on, with the longest in the centre in rows H-K, which causes seats at the very ends of rows to have a partially restricted view.

    Row L features two support pillars, which restrict the views of seats directly behind. Rows A-C sit below the stage level, which can miss performers’ feet and some set, depending on the production. Optimum views are in the centre of the Stalls, as they are not too close to the stage and are unaffected by the Dress Circle overhang.

    Wheelchair spaces are available at the ends of rows G, H, M, N and R. Legroom is generally good throughout the Stalls.


    A bar is available in the main foyer. An at-seat service is available for access patrons who do not wish to leave their seats at the interval. A pre-bookable VIP Ambassador lounge experience is available adjacent to the Stalls; please see ATG's website for details.


    Men’s and Women’s toilets are available in this section. A fully-adapted disabled toilet is available in the Stalls.

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