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The Circle is located on the first floor and is divided into three sections which are separated by two aisles. The central section is the largest and offers the best views, particularly in Row A-D. Seats towards the ends of the rows offer a slight side-view. Legroom throughout this section is good, with a decent rake allowing a clear overall view.

Two pillars located in front of seats D11 and D20 slightly obstruct the view, which is reflected in ticket prices. Seats E7-E11 and E20 and E22-E24 are also particularly affected, with E21 being completely restricted.

A safety rail in front of seats A7-A10 and A34-A37 partially obstructs the view and may cause audience members to lean forwards. Seats in the front row of the side sections are the best choice, however restricted Stall seats are better than those in the Circle.

Seats A1-A6, A38-A43 and C3-C6 are production dependent.


The Café Bar is available just off the foyer area, with moveable seating.


Women’s and Men’s toilets can be found in the foyer, down 27 steps from the Circle seating.