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Almeida Theatre
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Almeida Theatre Capacity

The Almeida Theatre has a capacity of 350 seats. Section capacities are 224 Stalls and 126 Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 1033 seat reviews and 790 photos of views from seat.

Pillars and side-angle seats are dotted throughout the auditorium and seats affected by these can be bought at a lower price. Legroom is good throughout the theatre, with seating compromising comfortable modern benches.

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Almeida Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

For those that don’t mind leaning, then a number of pillars and side-angled seats provide great value, considering the price of the tickets. It depends on the show, but generally the restricted view seats in the Stalls are better than those in the Circle. Alternatively, sit towards the rear of either section for an overall clear view of the stage at a discount price!

Premium seats

The best seats in the house are the centre Stalls and central section of the Circle.

Recent Audience Photos

Stalls F18

leepeddie 5' 9", 148 reviews, 2 helpful votes

There is a pillar directly in front of this seat. Depending on the staging it will block your view to a greater or lesser extent. The price of the seat reflects this, so make it an excellent value seat, particularly if there is little happening to... More

Visited 25 May 2023

Circle D11

mattlanyon 6', 300 reviews, 5 helpful votes

There is a pole to the left of your view, but luckily it is right to the side so doesn't affect your view too much. You can move slightly and still see fine. Legroom is OK and there is a nice space next to the seat so that you can put your bag/coa... More

Visited 09 May 2023

Stalls J13

eleanorm16 15 reviews

Photo taken before the person in front sat down so obviously the view was quite obscured by their head, there is not much rake between these two seats but the rest of the rows are much lower. View of the overall stage is good - you don't miss anyt... More

Visited 03 May 2023

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