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Barbican Theatre Capacity

The Barbican Theatre London has a capacity of 1156 seats. Section capacities are 681 Stalls, 195 Circle, 143 Upper Circle and 137 Gallery. Use our interactive seating plan to view 2712 seat reviews and 2165 photos of views from seat.

The auditorium offers excellent views from comfortable seats with good legroom. Overhang restrictions are very limited on all levels.

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Barbican Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

For those on a strict budget, the least expensive seats are located in the Gallery, which can feel extremely distant from the stage. Alternatively, seats towards the ends of rows in each section are cheaper, due to being angled towards the stage.

Premium seats

If money is no object then the best seats can be found in the centre of the Stalls and Circle for a perfect view of the stage. Rows F-J are considered to be an excellent distance from the stage, but you should sit further forward if you want a more intimate experience.

Recent Audience Photos

Gallery B6

lyndseyG77 5' 5", 79 reviews

This is a bench seat although still comfortable. Clear view of the stage still although for this production there were a couple of things that happen that probably would be clearer from the other side of the stage. For the price a great seat. More

Saw My Neighbour Totoro My Neighbour Totoro on 23 November 2023

Stalls A12

tonyo 58 reviews

Extremely good leg room, could stretch my legs as far as they'd go, the stage isn't too high but if I was watching any other show I would choose to sit back a bit further, as A Strange Loop is very intimate it didn't matter being up close as didn'... More

Saw A Strange Loop A Strange Loop on 09 September 2023

Stalls M35

kabirnaidoo 6' 1", 468 reviews, 5 helpful votes

Great view - excellent legroom and comfortable for this show. Originally booked row L but moved to row M and the seats behind due to a seat issue with another customer. Totally didn’t impact the view and felt very central More

Saw A Strange Loop A Strange Loop on 08 September 2023

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