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Bridge Theatre

Getting into the Venue

Step-free access is available at London Bridge underground station for the Jubilee and Northern lines. It is a 10 minute walk from London Bridge station to the Bridge Theatre. Drop offs by car can be made on Potters Fields, directly outside the theatre.   

From the main entrance of the Bridge Theatre, there is level access into the foyer and Gallery 1. Wheelchair spaces are usually in Gallery 1, but this can vary by production. For Guys and Dolls, wheelchair spaces are in the front row of the Stalls. The Stalls are accessed via a platform lift.

Customer Assistance

Staff are available to help at any point during your visit to the Bridge Theatre and it is best to arrive as early as possible for a smooth entry. 

Wheelchairs can be hired, subject to availability by contacting the Bridge Theatre at or 0333 320 0051 before your visit. 

The bar is step-free and located in the foyer. Refreshments can be ordered using the Bridge Theatre’s app. There are three gender neutral accessible toilets; two on the Foyer/Gallery 1 level, and one on the Stalls level. 

How to Book

The Bridge Theatre has an Access List, which gives you access to concessionary rates. To register for the Access List, click here. Once you have signed up, you can book wheelchair and companion spaces online. You can also book in person or over the phone.

If you have not signed up to the Bridge Theatre Access List or want more information before doing so, please call 0333 320 0051 or email  

Section Accessibility


The Stalls are one level down from the Bridge Theatre entrance and foyer, and can be reached via a platform lift. Alternatively, there are stairs down to the section with 21 steps. Each row in the Stalls has one further step down.

Some seats in row L, at the back of the Stalls, are “high seats”. This means they are lifted off the ground more than other seats, in order to ensure the view is clear over the row in front. High seats have a metal bar to rest your feet on, and the distance to the floor is 22 inches rather than the venue’s standard 15 inches. These seats are not recommended for patrons with very limited mobility as they can be more difficult to get on and off. 

There are two gender neutral accessible toilets in the Stalls. 

Gallery 1

There is level access to Gallery 1 from the foyer. For most productions, wheelchair spaces are located in this section, and can be booked online, in person or over the phone. There is one step down to each row in Gallery 1, and some seats in Row B are high seats. 

There is a gender neutral accessible toilet on the same level as Gallery 1. 

Gallery 2

From the foyer, it is 12 steps up to Gallery 2, and there is no lift access to this section. Once in Gallery 2, there are steps between rows and some seats in Row B are high seats. There are no accessible toilets in Gallery 2.

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