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Bridge Theatre Capacity

The Bridge Theatre has three levels of seating - Stalls, Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 - which are arranged on three sides to accommodate a thrust stage, end-on stage or promenade (immersive) performance. The auditorium has some flexible seating areas that can change to suit the needs of the production. Some productions will offer standing room in the ground-level Pit, or additional Stalls and Gallery seating behind the stage. 

The Bridge Theatre is a contemporary venue with excellent sightlines. Don’t be concerned about sitting in side-view seats; every production is designed to ensure audiences sitting on all three sides have a great view.

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Bridge Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Choose side-view or high seats for the best value tickets at the Bridge Theatre. Gallery 2 is a little distant, but you will not miss anything significant on stage. In the Stalls, the front side rows (seats 2-5 and 61-64) are some of the cheapest in the auditorium and guarantee a very intimate view on a budget.

Premium seats

Rows E-G in the middle of the Stalls are some of the best seats at the Bridge Theatre. They face head-on and are well elevated above the rows in front, so you won’t miss a moment of the action on stage. In Gallery 1, seats in the central rows and slightly along the middle curve are very desirable, with the best overhead views of the stage.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Stalls CC23 Verified

Bridge Theatre Stalls CC23 view from seat photo
There's a thin pole that's slightly in the way but it's otherwise a perfect view! There's a lot of space to stretch out as we... More
Guys and Dolls
Saw Guys and Dolls on 20 May 2024

Stalls A72 Verified

Bridge Theatre Stalls A72 view from seat photo
Great seat, basically close to the aisle because only 2 seats next to you, leg room is good, but there is a railing that can... More
Guys and Dolls
Saw Guys and Dolls on 13 May 2024

Stalls A42 Verified

Bridge Theatre Stalls A42 view from seat photo
So whole there was leg room, there was no ability to even stretch due to the barrier. The interactive and complete show was... More
Guys and Dolls
Saw Guys and Dolls on 11 May 2024

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