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London County Hall
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London County Hall Capacity

The London County Hall has a capacity of 369 seats. Section capacities are 230 Courtroom Stalls, 43 North Gallery, 53 Central Gallery and 43 South Gallery. Use our interactive seating plan to view 954 seat reviews and 873 photos of views from seat.

One of the key features of this unique venue is VIP seating in the Jury Box, to make patrons feel as if they are really part of the trial.

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London County Hall Seating Plan

Best Seats

This immersive, site-specific play is in the historic London County Hall building’s Council Chamber, and each seating area offers a unique experience. The best views are from the middle of the Stalls in seats such as D95 , where the entire stage is visible including the Witness Box and Jury Box, and actors sometimes rush up and down the aisles near you throughout the show.

Speaking of the Jury Box, tickets can be booked for seats here. This is a very unique viewing experience, with the seats positioned behind the stage. If you choose to sit here, in a seat such as Jury Box 1 , you will feel as if you are part of the story, holding Leonard’s fate in your hands.

Good value seats

The gallery offers the best option for good value seats, however many of these seats come with some obstruction to the stage. Sitting further back in the central gallery gives you a clear view of the action at a good price. Some seats at the ends of both the North and South galleries are very cheap and you'll only miss a quarter of the stage, compared to half of the stage in some of the other restricted view seats.

Restricted view seats in the Gallery can have variable views because of pillars and the angle to the stage, so reviews from fellow theatregoers are incredibly helpful when choosing which to book. Some good value seats include Central Gallery B23 (a “great view over the whole stage area”) and South Gallery A7 (a “clear view of the witness box”). The stairs leading up to here are quite steep and the aisles narrow, so the Gallery may not be suitable for anyone who suffers from vertigo or is uncomfortable with heights.

Premium seats

The best seats in the house are between rows C and E in the Courtroom Stalls, you'll feel totally immersed in the action of Witness for the Prosecution. With the judge, accused and barristers performing right in front of you - and maybe even giving away their true motivations with subtle body language - you will “feel like you are part of the proceedings” (reviewer in C60 ). Other top-price seats such as D98 offer a “perfect view of the action” according to SeatPlan reviewers.

For a truly unique experience, book one of the 12 VIP jury box seats, here you'll watch the play unfold in front of your eyes and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Courtroom Stalls Jury Box Row 1 5 Verified

London County Hall Courtroom Stalls Jury Box Row 1 5 view from seat photo
Jury duty in this seat was both fun and awkward at the same time! Perfect view of the action. Leg room was ok and the seat wa... More
Witness for the Prosecution
Saw Witness for the Prosecution on 11 May 2024

South Gallery A8

London County Hall South Gallery A8 view from seat photo
Sold as an aisle seat but it is not - if you’re booking access be aware! Pillar in view to left but if you lean forward you c... More
Witness for the Prosecution
Saw Witness for the Prosecution on 07 April 2024

Courtroom Stalls A14 Verified

London County Hall Courtroom Stalls A14 view from seat photo
very roomly seats which were very comfortable, there was a slanted floor for your feet, the view was great, having to look up... More
Witness for the Prosecution
Saw Witness for the Prosecution on 03 April 2024

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