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Garrick Theatre
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Select seats to view real seat view photos from SeatPlan members, with ratings for comfort, legroom and view to help you book the best Boys from the Blackstuff tickets and Why Am I So Single? tickets.

Garrick Theatre Capacity

The Garrick Theatre London has a capacity of 733 seats. Section capacities are 473 Stalls, 136 Dress Circle and 124 Grand Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 6045 seat reviews and 4587 photos of views from seat.

Patrons will often hear the rattle of the underground during productions. Seating at the Garrick Theatre is notoriously tricky, with support pillars and circle overhangs restricting the view for many seats. The Stalls and Dress Circle offer the best views.

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Garrick Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

The best seats on a budget can be found in selected seats towards the rear of the Stalls, where seats are usually discounted because of the many support pillars and Dress Circle overhang. Otherwise, buy a Grand Circle ticket and hope for an upgrade!

Premium seats

Sit between Row D and J in the Stalls for an excellent, unrestricted view of the stage. Alternatively, the Dress Circle offers incredibly clear and detailed views, without feeling far away from the stage. These seats have brilliant views of the stage, which is reflected in the price of tickets.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Stalls AA3 Verified

Garrick Theatre Stalls AA3 view from seat photo
Great value seat, really good view (but you have to look up a bit) due to low stage. Comfortable and plenty of legroom. An ab... More
Boys from the Blackstuff
Saw Boys from the Blackstuff on 17 July 2024

Stalls H23 Verified

Garrick Theatre Stalls H23 view from seat photo
Sold as restricted due to a pillar, which really isn’t all that much bother. There’s no seat directly in front to make up for... More
Boys from the Blackstuff
Saw Boys from the Blackstuff on 08 July 2024

Stalls C14

Garrick Theatre Stalls C14 view from seat photo
Incredible view, we were so close to the cast and didn’t miss anything. Seats are slightly packed so you find yourself squas... More
Boys from the Blackstuff
Saw Boys from the Blackstuff on 03 July 2024

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