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    The Circle is the second tier of seating and is the smallest section in the theatre, located directly above the Stalls, with a limited capacity of just over 100 seats. With only 6 rows that fan out around the stage, Row A is the widest, compromising 24 seats that slightly curve around the stage.

    The Circle is one large block of seating with no central aisle. Once inside the auditorium there are steps down to reach each row. The barrier of the balcony runs in front of Row A, but will not severely restrict the view of those in Row A or Row B, unless audience members choose to lean forwards.

    A steep rake is intact, allowing rows at the rear to be elevated enough to see the stage without obstruction. There are safety rails at the ends of each row, but these will not hinder the view. Legroom is slightly tight in this section, particularly in Row A. Box A and Box B are positioned at the very ends of the Circle, and give a stark side view of the stage.


    A large café-bar is available on the ground floor via steps or via customer lift. An at-seat service is available for patrons who are unable to access the bars.


    Women’s and Men’s toilets are available on the Circle level. Adapted facilities are available on the Ground Floor, Mezzanine level and main foyer level.

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