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Lyric Theatre
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Lyric Theatre Capacity

The Lyric Theatre has a capacity of 1061 seats. Section capacities are 477 Stalls, 178 Dress Circle, 178 Grand Circle and 228 Balcony. Use our interactive seating plan to view 2506 seat reviews and 1797 photos of views from seat.

There are restricted views in certain areas of the auditorium due to the placement of support pillars, which can result in major viewing obstructions. The rows curve into a horseshoe shape, which can cause seats at the ends of rows to suffer from a side-angle view of the stage.

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Lyric Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Due to the shape of the auditorium and the number of pillars in the Lyric Theatre there are several restricted view seats at lower cost, which could be good for those looking to view the show on a budget - especially if they have seen the show before. Seats surrounding premium seats in the Stalls offer a very similar view for around £20 less!

Premium seats

Premium seats are located in the centre of the Stalls in rows F-J. These seats have the best view overall view of the stage, which is reflected in ticket pricing. Alternatively, seats in the front and centre of the Dress Circle can offer a great view!

Recommended Box Seats

Upgrade your date night or treat your friends to an unforgettable evening by booking a private box on your next visit to the Lyric Theatre. The Lyric Theatre box seats are primarily located in the Dress Circle with 4 boxes running down each side of the auditorium. Ranging between two and three seats, all of the boxes contain freestanding chairs that allow patrons to maximise their view and comfort.

The box seats, particularly those in Box L , Box H and Box C , received strong reviews from SeatPlan users who gave 5 stars for both legroom and overall comfort. Priced comparably to seats in the Grand Circle, the Dress Circle boxes offer great value and an elevated experience due to the privacy and additional space for you and your party.

Recent Audience Photos

Stalls E17

dizzyduck 28 reviews

Great seat ,five rows from stage. If there was no one taller to obstruct your view,then my score for view would be 5. Unfortunately, I was obstructed slightly and had to duck from side to side to see the cast in some settings. More

Saw Aspects of Love Aspects of Love on 02 June 2023

Balcony B25

u2fancat 5' 6", 151 reviews, 5 helpful votes

I was pleasantly surprised by the legroom here - mightn't even have needed the aisle seat I booked! The view was annoying, but passable - I found myself having to lean forward constantly, so it's just as well there was no-one behind me, and I also... More

Saw Aspects of Love Aspects of Love on 31 May 2023

Stalls S6

jackieo4 5' 4", 60 reviews

The seat is very comfortable with plenty of leg room. I am size 20 and 5'4". This seat is sold as restricted view due to the pillar "in view", however in truth it is next to you and hardly obscures anything. The rake of the theatre is poor so if... More

Saw Aspects of Love Aspects of Love on 24 May 2023

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