National Theatre - Lyttelton Stalls

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The Stalls is one large block of seating with no central aisle. The stage is very wide, which means that central seats offer the best overall views of the stage. Row J is recommended as the best row. The section is well-raked and ensures that audience members in front will not obstruct the view.

The first three rows do not have armrests and are not as comfortable as other rows, which means they are often sold at a discounted price. Due to the length of the rows, seats towards the ends may offer a side-view.

The Circle overhangs begins at Row K, and slightly affects the rear Stalls in the final four or five rows. Seats at the rear of the auditorium are raked for a good view, but it may be worth choosing seats in the front of the Circle for a similar price.


The Lyttelton Café and Long Bar can be accessed step-free on this level. The Espresso Bar is 3 steps up from the foyer. Staff are able to bring drinks to patrons who are unable to access the bars.


Men’s and Women’s toilets are available on this level. A fully adapted toilet is located next to the entrance to the Stalls, to the right of the Long Bar.