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National Theatre - Lyttelton
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National Theatre - Lyttelton Capacity

The National Theatre - Lyttelton has a capacity of 897 seats. Section capacities are 555 Stalls and 342 Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 1834 seat reviews and 1299 photos of views from seat.

Seating in the venue is particularly good, with comfort and legroom being top-class. There are great sight-lines in both the Stalls and Circle, although it is recommended to sit in the lower Stalls for the best overall view.

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National Theatre - Lyttelton Seating Plan

Good value seats

The National Theatre boasts an excellent Entry Pass scheme for under 25's, allowing tickets for productions to be purchased for £5. These seats are located throughout the theatre and typically allow for excellent views! Alternatively, sit towards the rear of the Stalls or Circle for an unobstructed view of the stage which may only feel a tad distant.

Premium seats

Sit in the Stalls for the best view of the stage, namely centrally between Row E and Row M. Alternatively, sitting in the first two rows of the Circle allows for an excellent view of the entire stage. For the most intimate experience, sit in the front few rows to feel entirely immersed!

Recent Audience Photos

Circle E19

davebradford 5' 11", 62 reviews, 1 helpful vote

Seat is not one of the softest I’ve sat in but not to uncomfortable and the legroom ok. View of the stage was good but I did have someone in front of me that kept bobbing their head up down that blocked a tiny bit of the view. More

Visited 20 May 2023

Stalls A16

LondonLass 5' 1", 334 reviews, 19 helpful votes

This seat is narrow with no armrest so it is a bit restrictive for a long show but I think it’s worth it for the price. A completely clear view of the stage with no obstructions at all and also extra legroom as its front row. I was so close to the... More

Visited 19 May 2023

Stalls A21

rikkiONshow 5' 10", 615 reviews, 6 helpful votes

This is sold as a cheap seat due to being so close to the stage and you are very close, but you get an exceptional view for the price. To see the performances up so close is amazing, but you might have to crane your next or twist it a bit, but it'... More

Visited 29 April 2023

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