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Stalls Guide

In the venue’s standard format, the Stalls are one large block of seating without a central aisle. Rows become wider the rear of the auditorium, curving towards the ends. This can cause seats at the ends of rows to be angled towards the stage. An excellent rake ensures audience members will not block your view.

Legroom is good throughout the seating and seats are particularly comfortable. Due to the height of the stage, those in the front couple of rows may have to crane their necks.

Support pillars in Row Q restrict the first and last seats, which is reflected in ticket pricing. From Row P, the curve of the seating affects seats towards the ends of the rows. The Dress Circle overhang slightly obstructs rows at the rear of the Stalls, but this is not detrimental to any production.

The Stalls layout can change to accommodate in-the-round staging for productions such as A Christmas Carol. In this configuration, the stage thrusts out into the Stalls, with seating on three sides and the Stage Stalls section opposite. There is a maximum of 12 rows back in this section, and the view is very good throughout.


Penny, previously known as The Pit Bar, is located 20 steps down from the Stalls level, or can be accessed via a lift from the inner foyer.


Toilets in the Penny Bar and Café are easily accessible from the Stalls. A fully adapted unisex toilet is located by the alternative entrance, with support handrails in place.

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