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Prince of Wales Theatre
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Prince of Wales Theatre Capacity

The Prince of Wales Theatre has a capacity of 1135 seats. Section capacities are 666 Stalls and 469 Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 4500 seat reviews and 2603 photos of views from seat.

A unique West End theatre, the auditorium has only two intimate levels. The expansive Stalls wrap around the stage, with a wide Circle overhang above. The theatre does feel particularly wide, and there is a varying degree of view quality from all seats.

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Prince of Wales Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Cheaper seats are available towards the rear of both sections and in seats towards the ends of rows. These are not necessarily restricted, but do mean that you will get a side view of the stage which may cut off very minimal parts of the action. Alternatively, enter the online weekly BOM Lottery for the chance to win two £20 tickets to Row A of the Stalls!

Premium seats

Sit in the middle of the Stalls for the best overall view of the stage, or in the front of the Circle for a great panoramic view of the stage. Because of the great view, premium seats are usually quite expensive - but it's worth it!

Recommended Box Seats

See The Book of Mormon in style from one of the unique Loge box seats on your next visit to the Prince of Wales Theatre. The Loges, just like other theatre box seats, offer a private and secluded experience when watching the show. The Loges have their own private entrances and are located on either side of the auditorium on the Dress Circle level, offering an excellent view of the stage. Each Loge contains 4 freestanding chairs enabling patrons to maximise both their view and overall comfort.

Loges 1 and 3 are priced comparably with seats in the rear stalls and circle and include an unobstructed, intimate view of the stage. The best-reviewed seats include Loge 1 Seat 1 and Loge 3 Seat 1 . Loges 2 and 4 are located higher up and have a view looking down onto the stage, these seats are priced amongst the lowest in the theatre and SeatPlan users have consistently rated these seats highly citing great value and view, such as Loge 4 Seat 4 . Explore photos and reviews for all 4 Loges below, and check live ticket availability to find the perfect box seat for you.

Recent Audience Views

Stalls A16

carldarling 5' 10", 65 reviews, 1 helpful vote
Prince of Wales Theatre Stalls A16 view from seat photo

Amazing legroom, it's a low and raked stage so you really do see everything. You don't see much from the sides either as it's well hidden, it does feel very immersive being front row, at times feeling like it's a private performance. More centra... More

Saw The Book of Mormon The Book of Mormon on 16 January 2023


0 votes

Stalls A18

JulesH29 5', 12 reviews
Prince of Wales Theatre Stalls A18 view from seat photo

Being just under 5ft, this seat is perfect to not miss anything. Have sat in the Circle before, but this was great to see the expressions and little moments that are great to see. It is a little to the side so at times neck feels twisted, but woul... More

Saw The Book of Mormon The Book of Mormon on 12 January 2023


0 votes

Circle H41

casscraw 5' 4", 44 reviews, 1 helpful vote
Prince of Wales Theatre Circle H41 view from seat photo

Really good view due to the steep rake. Not too far off to the side - nothing missed. Comfy seats with reasonable, but not great, legroom. The circle is steeply raked which in my opinion makes the aisle steps quite dangerous as there isn't any han... More

Saw The Book of Mormon The Book of Mormon on 27 December 2022


0 votes

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