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Victoria Palace Theatre
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Victoria Palace Theatre Capacity

The Victoria Palace Theatre has a capacity of 1547 seats. Section capacities are 743 Stalls, 442 Royal Circle and 362 Grand Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 3961 seat reviews and 3568 photos of views from seat.

Built in a traditional style across three levels, the auditorium can feel a little overwhelming due to the relatively small size of the stage. Each level is quite well-raked and curves around each balcony, giving different levels of visibility throughout. Prices vary accordingly and it is worth knowing how much you wish to spend against how close you wish to be.

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Victoria Palace Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Due to the rake of the stage, some restricted view seats in the Stalls offer great value for money. You may miss out on the actors feet, but you will not get so close for so little anywhere else in the West End!

Premium seats

Premium seats are towards the centre of the Stalls. In our opinion these are better than those in the Dress Circle. Mid Stalls seats offer a generally better view of the stage.

Recent Audience Photos

Stalls J7

sofia 6' 3", 14 reviews

Fantastic view, great because its an aisle. You miss upstage right but there aren't too many important things that happen in that spot. Even then, the story is very well told through the lyrics and scoring. The stalls seem to have a lot more distr... More

Saw Hamilton Hamilton on 23 May 2023

Grand Circle J15

michalc 5' 2", 56 reviews

Decent central view of stage. Can see better than you'd expect despite the distance. Side of stage is blocked slightly by people in front but can lean around them without blocking anyone behind. Not much room for feet but the roe in front is quite... More

Saw Hamilton Hamilton on 21 May 2023

Grand Circle J5

sofia 6' 3", 14 reviews

There isn't a single bad seat in this house, and the cheaper seats are literally better, view was completely unrestricted, very centralised, and sound even make out facial expressions, lower legroom is great but my (6'3'') knees were a tad squishe... More

Saw Hamilton Hamilton on 18 May 2023

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