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Wembley Park Theatre
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Wembley Park Theatre Capacity

Wembley Park Theatre is a contemporary venue with a flexible auditorium of stadium-style seating. For Newsies, seats are on three sides of the stage and the auditorium is divided into six sections named after New York neighbourhoods. Manhattan is the largest, facing head-on with Brooklyn in front. On either side, the smaller Woodside, Flushing, Richmond and The Bronx sections are very close to the stage. There are runways and aisles between sections, along which actors enter, exit and perform during the show.

Newsies has been staged to ensure everyone can enjoy the musical’s high-energy choreography, but your experience will be quite different depending on your choice of seat. The side sections are ideal if you want to feel immersed in the action, whilst head-on is better for overviews of the stage, but may feel distant in the back half and sides.

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Wembley Park Theatre Seating Plan

Good Value Seats

Numbers over 51 in The Bronx and under 4 in Flushing are some of the best value seats at Wembley Park Theatre. These are restricted view and you will miss parts of the action because you are at the extreme side. However, they promise an excellent close-up experience of Newsies with relatively cheap tickets.

Premium Seats

The best seats for Newsies are in the centre of Brooklyn. There is a great balance between view, proximity and feeling immersed in the action from here. The inside of rows AA and DD of Richmond and Woodside also have some of the best views at Wembley Park Theatre; they are close to runways where the company enters and performs musical numbers.

Recent Audience Photos

Manhattan ZD14

jordanh22 5' 10", 112 reviews

This is a very central seat with an uninterrupted view of the stage. The rake is pretty good as the seats are staggered - but I imagine someone very very tall I front of you would affect the view. This seat is the penultimate row - so you are ver... More

Saw Newsies Newsies on 27 July 2023

Manhattan S7

Tiamurray02 5' 3", 20 reviews, 1 helpful vote

Good amount of leg room and comfy seats! A really good view of everything going on. Newsies was an immersive show so by sitting in manhattan you get to see everything that happens without having to turn around. You are close enough that you get to... More

Saw Newsies Newsies on 26 July 2023

Richmond EE43

jadec7 15 reviews, 1 helpful vote

A great seat with a fantastic view and good legroom. The immersive nature of the show is slightly weaker here as you are not placed directly on an aisle or along the walkways but you still feel close enough to be part of the experience even if the... More

Saw Newsies Newsies on 23 July 2023

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