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Wembley Park Theatre
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Wembley Park Theatre Capacity

Wembley Park Theatre is a contemporary venue with a flexible auditorium of stadium-style seating. For Starlight Express it has been renamed and specially designed as the Starlight Auditorium, where the fantasy world of the musical immerses audiences in high-octane, roller-skating adventure.

Seats in the auditorium are arranged on three sides of the stage and divided into four distinct sections, which are also surrounded by the racing track. The Locomotive Seats are the largest section, facing head-on with Platform One and Platform Two just in front. On either side of the stage, the smaller Trackside 1 and Trackside 2 sections comprise two rows each. The stage is closely surrounded in a semi-circle by the First Class Carriage sections (Blocks 1 - 4), which give the most immersive experience of the show.

There are runways - or racing tracks - between the seating areas, and audiences can expect to see performers whizzing past, around and maybe even above them! Starlight Express has been staged to ensure everyone can enjoy the musical’s energetic choreography, but your experience will be quite different depending on your choice of seat. If you are sitting in any section other than the Locomotive, access in and out will be restricted during the show for safety reasons.

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Wembley Park Theatre Seating Plan

Good Value Seats

Cheap tickets at Wembley Park Theatre are at the back and sides of the Locomotive section. These seats will feel more distant than the immersive ring-side options but have a clear view of the entire set and layout of this unique auditorium. You may even prefer seeing the spectacle and acrobatic rollerskating stunts from this distance.

Premium Seats

The best seats for Starlight Express if you want complete immersion in the story are in the First Class Carriages. These top-price sections are marked restricted view because of their proximity to the stage and set-pieces, but they offer an experience like no other. This musical is famous for its unique choreography, and from these seats you are completely surrounded by the cast as they perform at incredible speeds.

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