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Orchestra Guide

The Orchestra makes up around 514 seats at stage level in the Booth Theatre. It splits into three sections with aisles between, and at its widest (across Left, Right and Center) measures around 36 seats, extending 17 rows back. There are also four Boxes elevated above the section, two at either side.

The Booth Theatre’s small size is a big advantage. Some seats are less desirable, such as those at the far sides, and the Mezzanine overhang cuts into the stage slightly past row O. Despite this, you’d be hard-pressed to find a truly bad seat, and even at the back of the auditorium, sightlines are impressively clean and clear. The best seats are in the Center Orchestra, rows A to H.

With slightly cramped space for taller patrons, the best legroom in the Orchestra is available on aisle seats – the inside should be a first choice where possible. The Booth Theatre Orchestra has six wheelchair designated spaces and four aisle transfer seats. The entire section is step-free for all patrons.

Left Orchestra

The Left Orchestra comprises 16 rows from BB to P, with odd-numbered seats from 1 to 15 at its widest. Most views are very good, with the best seats on the inside of rows A to D. Double-digit seats close to the outer aisle are more angled, with views of stage right a bit restricted. Further back, patrons still have a surprisingly detailed overview of performances, although the Mezzanine overhang starts to cut in slightly by row O. Legroom is average, with the best options for extra space on the inside aisle. Prices in the Left Orchestra start at a premium in the front rows, with cheaper options spreading out to the back corner. Boxes elevated at the side of the section offer private but partial views.

Right Orchestra

The Right Orchestra comprises 17 rows from BB to Q, with even-numbered seats from 2 to 16, getting longer in the back. The section has very good views from most seats, although those by the far aisle are slightly more angled. The Mezzanine overhang is also more obvious from row O, but views remain largely clear even at the back. The inside of rows A to D offer some of the best sightlines for patrons wanting plenty of detail, and seats a little further back give a nice broad look at the set. Legroom is fair, but much better on the aisles, and prices start high at the front before gradually lowering at the back and sides. Boxes elevated at the side of the section offer private but partial views.

Center Orchestra

The Center Orchestra has 17 rows from AA to P, with seats reaching 101 to 120 at the widest point. Every seat faces more or less directly towards the stage, with some excellent views from rows A to D. A little further back, in rows F to H, patrons can choose good value seats which offer very detailed looks at the set and performers. In the back rows, the Mezzanine overhang is a little more obstructive, but usually only the very top of the stage is affected beyond row O. Patrons can find extra legroom along either aisle by the Center Orchestra, and whilst premium seats start at the front half of the section, the back rows are worth choosing for a cheaper yet still clean view.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Center Orchestra, rows A to H offer some of the best views in the entire Booth Theatre. Any closer may mean performers’ feet and the back of the stage are slightly cut off, so patrons can rely on a comfortable but detailed night at the theater from here.

Best legroom seats

Legroom is about average for a Broadway venue in the Orchestra, but anyone wanting extra room won’t miss out if they pick an inside aisle seat.


• The Mezzanine overhang cuts into the stage slightly by row O
• The best seats are in the Center Orchestra, rows A to H
• Rows AA and BB may be too close to the stage for shorter theatergoers
• Good value seats are across rows F to H, with clear sightlines to the back


The Orchestra is the more expensive section in the Booth Theatre, with pricey premium seats in the front of the Center Orchestra. Towards the back and sides of the section, prices fall gradually, and there are several options for good value seats in the back half.


There is a bar on this level, selling a variety of snacks and drinks. If lines are long for this bar, there is a second one in the basement.


Restrooms serving the whole theater are down one flight of stairs in the basement. Queues can get very busy during the intermission so go before the show if possible.

An accessible restroom is located on the Orchestra level.

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