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Balcony Guide

The Balcony is the cheapest and furthest-from-stage seating area in the Hudson Theatre, with around 240 seats divided by aisles into Left, Right and Center sections. The Center Balcony is much larger than the Left and Right Balcony sections, which have fewer seats per row.

The Balcony is steeper than the Orchestra and Dress Circle and has less legroom, but views are generally good throughout, so picking an aisle seat to stretch out up here is a smart choice for making the most of your budget. The best sightlines are from the front of the Center Balcony, which offers surprisingly detailed views of a performance and individual actors.

Whilst seats closer to the far aisles are naturally more angled, this doesn’t tend to affect views of the stage too much, and there are lots of good value options at the sides and rear of the section.

The elevator does not serve the Hudson Theatre Balcony, and there is no accessible seating on this level.

Left Balcony

The Left Balcony comprises eight rows from A to H which gradually get shorter towards the rear. The longer front row is odd-numbered from 1 to 21, while row H at the very back has just two seats from 1 to 3. The best views are from the inside of rows A and B, which face more centrally towards the stage than those at the far sides. However, sightlines are generally decent from most seats, with a very good rake helping to avoid obstruction from patrons in front. Some theatergoers may find the angle a little steep and legroom more restricted, but this is a very good value seating area, with already low prices getting cheaper in the back rows.

Right Balcony

The Right Balcony has eight rows of even-numbered seating, starting at the front with row A and ending with row H at the back. Each row gets gradually shorter; row A is in the range of 2 to 22 while row H escalates from 2 to 8. The rake is very good, meaning patrons can see over the row in front easily. Rows A and B offer the best views of the stage, although double-digit seats by the outside aisle are more angled, with restricted views of stage left (your right). However, the Right Balcony offers mainly decent views for the price, which is lowest in the back rows and relatively cheap throughout.

Center Balcony

The Center Balcony has eight rows from A to H, which gradually become longer towards the back. Seats run consecutively in the range of 101 to 121, left to right, with each row getting gradually longer. The best views are from rows A and B, which hang close enough to the stage for a decent look at the set and actors. The rake is very good, so the heads of anyone sitting in front won’t obstruct the view, and from front to back every seat faces head-on, which is handy for picking an aisle seat to get extra legroom. Prices are highest at the front of the section, with the cheapest seats in the house at the rear.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Row A in the Hudson Theatre Balcony is excellent; patrons sitting here will get a full, clear view of the stage below with impressive detail.

Best legroom seats

Legroom in the Balcony is typically restricted, especially for taller theatergoers. Anyone wanting extra space in this section would be best served by a seat on the inside aisles, which offer clear and central sightlines.


• The very top of the stage may be cut off by the Balcony’s angle
• The best views are from the Center Balcony, rows A and B
• Legroom in the Balcony is tighter than the rest of the theater
• There are plenty of good value seats in the Balcony thanks to the impressive rake


The Balcony is the cheapest overall seating area in the Hudson Theatre, with the premium front rows costing around the same as the back of the Grand Circle. Rows G and H at the rear offer the most affordable seats in the whole theater.


The closest bar is one floor down in the Grand Circle, so be quick to beat the intermission lines. However, there’s no rush to finish your drinks, as they can be taken back to your seats.


The closest restrooms are one floor down in the Dress Circle. Other options are down near the Orchestra if queues are too long.

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