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Front Mezzanine

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Front Mezzanine Guide

The Front Mezzanine is a smaller elevated section of seating above the Orchestra, with around 155 seats split across the Left, Right and Center. Stepped aisles run the length of these three sections, which make up four rows and are around the same size. There is no overhang to consider in the back rows – the Rear Mezzanine is built into the same balcony area.

Views across all four rows of the Front Mezzanine are very impressive, with clear sightlines and a sense of proximity to the stage. Patrons choosing almost any seat will be able to enjoy a Broadway show from an elevated vantage point that doesn’t leave them feeling isolated from the story. This effect is at its best in the Center Front Mezzanine, as seats towards each side tend to be at more of an angle.

With slightly tight space between rows, the best legroom in the Front Mezzanine is in aisle seats, especially those on the inside.

The Lena Horne Theatre Front Mezzanine has three transfer seats with folding armrests, although as they are located up one flight of stairs from the Orchestra, they may not be suitable for patrons with limited mobility.

Left Front Mezzanine

The Left Front Mezzanine comprises odd-numbered seats, ascending from 1 on the inside to 25 at the outer edge. There are just four rows, with A at the front and D at the rear. Seats are best in single-digit seats such as A3 or C9 where views are very clear and central, and the stage feels remarkably close. Stairs down to each row can be a little steep, but in turn the rake is very good so other patrons’ heads shouldn’t get in the way. For those wanting more legroom the best options are aisle seats, in particular on the inside; patrons should note that double-digit seats are more angled, but the view remains impressive throughout. Prices across the Right Front Mezzanine are usually around the same from front to back.

Right Front Mezzanine

The Right Front Mezzanine layout is identical to the Left, with four rows from A-D running even-numbered between 2 and 26 on the far side. Every seat in this section offers a very good view, although those closer to the right-hand aisle will have no sightline into the right-hand corner of the stage. From these seats, entrances and action on the far right of the stage will be restricted. A decent rake means all four rows have clear sightlines, made even better by the feeling of proximity to the stage. Legroom is much better on aisle seats, and taller patrons are likely to feel very cramped in row A in particular. Prices across the Right Front Mezzanine are usually around the same from front to back.

Center Front Mezzanine

The Center Front Mezzanine’s four rows of seating start at 101 on the left aisle and escalate up to 114 on the right. They are also some of the best seats in the theater, with incredibly clear elevated views which remain detailed thanks to the Lena Horne's smaller size. Legroom is again quite limited in this section, and both aisles are equally good options for extra room. For shorter patrons, there is a risk of being obstructed by someone in front if you sit in the back couple of rows, but on the whole the section provides better than average views of the stage. Prices across the Center Front Mezzanine tend to remain the same in all four rows.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Although views across the Front Mezzanine are very impressive, they’re at their best in row A of the Center section. From here, patrons will feel close enough to be immersed in the narrative, with a good angle to take in all the action at once.

Best legroom seats

The Front Mezzanine can feel cramped for taller patrons, so aisle seats on the inside such as A101 or C2 provide some extra comfort and a direct view down to the stage.


• There is no Balcony overhang – the Rear Mezzanine is in the same elevated section
• Views across all four rows feel remarkably clear and close to the stage
• The best legroom is on aisle seats, in particular on the inside aisles
• The best views in a very good section are across row A of the Center Front Mezzanine


Prices in the Front Mezzanine start at around the same level as Orchestra seats in the back rows (for example, rows L or O). The highest prices are in the Center section seats across all four rows, with prices reducing slightly for seats in the Left and Right Front Mezzanine.


Patrons will find a bar in the Mezzanine lobby, serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. This bar will be used by patrons in the Orchestra as well, so can get busy during the intermission.


Restrooms serving the whole theater are on this level, with the exception of one wheelchair accessible restroom on the ground floor.

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