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Rear Mezzanine

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Rear Mezzanine Guide

The Rear Mezzanine is larger than the Front Mezzanine, although both sit in the same balcony. With 290 seats across Left, Right and two Center sections, views are more distant than anywhere else, but they remain relatively clear throughout.

Prices for Rear Mezzanine seats are cheaper than the rest of the Lena Horne Theatre, especially towards the sides and back of the Left and Right Rear Mezzanine. Seats towards the far aisles and corners are the cheapest available, and from these angles parts of the stage will be out of sight. This will mostly affect entrances and exits, as well as action in the back corners.

When sitting in the Rear Mezzanine, patrons can see much more of the surrounding architecture and audience. However, the stage itself is largely unaffected by structural features and there are definite bargains available. Value for money is particularly good in the front rows E and F, where sightlines down to the stage are unobstructed by patrons in front and close enough to take in the full sweep of set design and movement.

Situated up one flight of stairs from the Orchestra, the Rear Mezzanine does not have any designated accessible seating and may not be suitable for patrons with limited mobility.

Left Rear Mezzanine

The Left Rear Mezzanine is a small section comprising eight rows of odd-numbered seats, and along with the Right Rear Mezzanine, is the cheapest in the Lena Horne Theatre. The front rows, E-G, have just three seats from 1-5, whilst the longest back row escalates 1-18. Views in double-digit seats are more angled than those closer to the inside aisle. The height is a double-edged sword in this regard, as it enables fair sightlines down to the stage, but patrons may feel distant. The seats are a bit closer together as well, so taller patrons sitting in front may impede the view. Row E has extra height from the horizontal aisle in front, but legroom in seats including E1 can be tight where a banister curves around. The best legroom is on either vertical aisle.

Right Rear Mezzanine

This section is the same size as the Left Rear Mezzanine, although seats are even-numbered from 2 to 20 on the back row, M. Seats at this height feel more removed from the action than anywhere else, but the stage remains relatively clear and easy to see; sometimes patrons in front might block the stage if they are markedly taller. The best legroom is in aisle seats, and patrons should opt for those on the inside first for a more central position - double-digit seats, especially those on the far aisle, have obstructed views of the right-hand side of the stage. The front Row E again benefits from an elevated position behind the horizontal aisle, with the best views of the Right Rear Mezzanine in seats such as E2 and E4.

Center Rear Mezzanine

The Center Rear Mezzanine covers two identical sections bisected by an aisle. Both have seven rows from E to L, with seats ranging from 101 to 128; the aisle sits between seats 114 and 115. Some theatergoers a few rows forward may lean into the view, but sightlines – especially in the front rows – are usually clear and direct. Although the height means patrons may feel less immersed in performances, the stage is close enough to take in the set and choreography. Row E in particular has an unobstructed, elevated view thanks to its position behind a horizontal aisle which separates the Front and Rear Mezzanines. Seats in this section are very good value and start at a cheaper price than the Front Center Mezzanine.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Seats in the front two rows – E and F – of this section offer excellent clear views down to the stage. Patrons sitting here will have an elevated view that showcases performances and design elements from an attractive distance.

Best legroom seats

Seats on the inside aisles combine extra legroom with fairly central, overhead views of the stage.


• The front row, E, has extra elevation over the horizontal aisle dividing the Front and Rear Mezzanines
• A banister curving in front of E1 may make legroom tighter
• The best legroom is on aisle seats, particularly inside aisles
• Restrooms and a bar are both nearby on this level
• The best seats are in rows E and F of the Center Rear Mezzanine


The Rear Mezzanine is the cheapest section of seating in the Lena Horne Theatre, with the highest prices similar to the Left and Right Front Mezzanine. Prices are highest in the front and central rows, and decrease towards the back and sides.


Patrons will find a bar in the Mezzanine lobby, serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. This bar will be used by patrons in the Orchestra as well, so can get busy during the intermission.


Restrooms serving the whole theater are on this level, with the exception of one wheelchair accessible restroom on the ground floor.

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