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49 Balcony Photos

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Balcony Guide

The Balcony is the smallest and cheapest area in the Lyric Theatre, with around 350 seats across Left, Right and Center. There are also Boxes at either side of the section, seating 16.

Restrictions in this section include the far side seats, especially in row A, which curve around; patrons will find that from a sitting position, it is difficult to see the stage clearly here. Safety bars in front can also be distracting, and sometimes patrons will lean forward into each other's sightlines.

The best views in the Balcony are from the front rows, A to C. These are very high and somewhat distant from the stage, but usually unobstructed. Further back, patrons will find they miss out on the details of a show, but for large and extravagant productions it’s still a fair vantage point on a budget.

A major feature of the Lyric Theatre is its superior legroom, and this continues in the Balcony. Patrons sitting up here will be pleasantly surprised by the space, and will have more options for good seats across the middle of rows. There are no accessible or transfer seats in the Balcony, which may make it unsuitable for patrons with limited mobility.

Left Balcony

This section has eight rows from A to H, with odd-numbered seating between 1 and 23. Row A is longer and seats 25 to 29 curve to the side; from here, the angle and wall obstructs the stage from a seated position. Other obstructions in the Left Balcony include the safety bar, which can be too high for short patrons and a distraction in the front rows. The best views are from the inside of rows A and B, which are well-elevated above the stage. Further back, patrons will feel very distant and may find others’ heads block the view at times. However, sightlines are generally clear, and legroom is very good across the section. Prices are highest in the front couple of rows, with very affordable seats further back.

Two Boxes are elevated to the side of the Left Balcony, with private and fairly good views of the stage.

Right Balcony

The Right Balcony’s eight rows run from A to H, with even-numbered seats in the range of 2 to 24. Like the Left Balcony, row A is longer and seats 26 to 30 curve around to the side; views from here are worse than average, with the stage cut off by the wall from a sitting position. The best views are from the inside of rows A and B, although the high safety wall and bar may obstruct sightlines for shorter patrons. Seats further back feel much more distant, but remain generally clear, with double-digit seats slightly more restricted. Legroom is much better than average in the Right Balcony owing to a good pitch. Seats are most expensive in the front, and become cheaper to the back and far side.

Two Boxes are elevated just behind the far side, with private and fairly good views of the stage.

Center Balcony

The Center Balcony is the most direct-facing section on this level, with eight rows from A to H. Most rows have seats between 101 and 117, although rows A and B have an extra seat, 118. Patrons will find the best views from these front rows, which are mainly free from obstructions. The safety bar in front of row A may cut across the stage for shorter patrons, however. After row C, the sightlines are much more distant and there is more likelihood of other patrons leaning forward to improve their view. Despite this, the back rows of the Center Balcony offer fair views at a very good price, and legroom is much better than average throughout. The entire section is affordably priced, with the most expensive seats in rows A to C.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A to C in the Center Balcony offer the best views of the stage. Although they are very high up and distant, patrons should usually enjoy a clean perspective of the entire set, which works well for the Lyric Theatre’s bombastic, crowd-pleasing productions.

Best legroom seats

Legroom is much better than the average Broadway Balcony, so patrons should feel relatively comfortable wherever they sit. To make sure, however, an aisle seat is always a good choice for extra space.


• The best views are from the Center Balcony, rows A to C
• Legroom is very good across the whole Balcony area
• The safety bar in front of row A may be too high for some patrons
• Seats 25 to 30 at either end of row A are much more angled and restricted


The closest bar is in the Dress Circle lobby, with plenty of drinks including alcohol and coffee sold. Refreshments can also be ordered to your seat.


Men’s and women’s restrooms are located in the Dress Circle, but lines will quickly form during the intermission.

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