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Dress Circle Guide

The Dress Circle is elevated above the Orchestra, with around 371 seats split across Left, Right and Center. Stepped aisles run between each, and there are up to 12 rows in the section. Boxes at either side sit a further 20 people. Views across the Dress Circle are impressively clear, although seats closer to the far aisles will inevitably have more restricted views into the sides of the stage. A good rake and pitch between seats enable clear sightlines even at the back, despite losing the detail patrons enjoy from the premium front rows.

The best views are in the more expensive rows A and B of the Center Dress Circle; some theatergoers may even prefer these seats to those in the Orchestra thanks to their elevated, sweeping views of the stage.

Legroom remains impressive in this section of the Lyric Theatre, with plenty of space compared to many older Broadway venues. This provides a good advantage for taller patrons, who will find it more comfortable than usual to sit in mid-row seats.

The Dress Circle is accessible for patrons with limited mobility or using wheelchairs, thanks to an elevator traveling from the ground floor. Once in the section, accessible seats are located in the back rows.

Left Dress Circle

This section comprises 10 rows from A to L, with a horizontal aisle in place of row J. Seats are odd-numbered, with the longer row A curving round from 1 to 29. Other rows reach 15 at most. The best views are from the inside of row A, which becomes more restricted to the side thanks to the angle and safety bars in front; A29 in particular is very side-on to the stage. Rows B and C also offer excellent views on the inside of the section. Although the back rows feel much more distant, the wide auditorium means most sightlines remain impressively clear, and taller patrons will usually have no issue with comfort. Prices start high in rows A to C and become a bit cheaper at the side and rear. Three Boxes are just behind the far seats of row A, with slightly angled views.

Right Dress Circle

This section has 10 rows from A to L, with a horizontal aisle in place of row J. Even-numbered seats generally number 2 to 16, although row A is longer, with seats 18 to 30 curving around for more restricted, side-on views. The best seats are on the inside of rows A to C, which are well-elevated and not too distant; seats further out have slightly partial views of stage left. The back rows provide less detail, but sightlines remain impressively clear; in the very back rows patrons may lean forward and block the view, however. There is also plenty of legroom throughout the Right Dress Circle. The most expensive seats are towards the front and inside, with prices falling further back.

Three Boxes are placed just behind the curve in row A, with angled but overall good views.

Center Dress Circle

The Center is the widest area of the Dress Circle, with 12 rows from A to M and seats in the range of 101 to 128. As this section faces directly towards the stage, there are plenty of good seats, with the best views from rows A to C. A high safety bar in front of row A may negatively affect views for shorter patrons, however. A good pitch between rows means there is plenty of legroom, and usually less obstruction from the heads of people sitting in front. Rows E to J are good value options for a clean view in this section, therefore. Prices are at a premium in the middle of the front rows, with cheaper options towards the back of the Center Dress Circle.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A to C in the Center Dress Circle offer the best look at the stage. Patrons who prefer an elevated position will find these seats perfect for a sweeping view of the set and spectacle below.

Best legroom seats

Legroom is much better than average across the whole Dress Circle, although for security there is always more on aisle seats and in row K.


• The best views are from rows A to C in the Center Dress Circle
• Good value seats are in rows E to J
• The Balcony overhangs at row E, but isn’t distracting
• Accessible seating is at the rear of the Dress Circle
• An elevator accesses the Dress Circle


Premium seats in the Dress Circle usually start at around the same price as those in the middle rows of the Orchestra, but there are also plenty of good value seats a little further back. The cheapest seats are in the Left and Right areas, especially near the far sides and back.


The closest bar is in the Dress Circle lobby, with plenty of drinks including alcoholic and coffee sold. Refreshments can also be ordered to your seat.


Restrooms are located on this level of the Lyric Theatre, although queues may get long during the intermission. Accessible restrooms are available in the Dress Circle.

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