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Metropolitan Opera House
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Metropolitan Opera House Capacity

The Metropolitan Opera House New York has a capacity of 3776 seats.Use our interactive seating chart to view 78 seat reviews and 78 photos of views from seat.

The Metropolitan Opera House is a huge venue with six seating levels. There are Boxes at either side of the Parterre, Grand Tier, Dress Circle, Balcony and Family Circle, although be aware that sitting in Boxes closest to the stage means restricted views. There are a wide variety of views across the auditorium, depending on where you sit. From the luxurious Parterre, just above the Orchestra, visitors can enjoy private Boxes both facing head-on and along the sides. From the very furthest, highest levels in the Balcony and Family Circle, you can appreciate great acoustics and the experience of world-class opera for less. As a rule, sit as centrally as possible in any section for better acoustics and better views.

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Metropolitan Opera House Seating Chart

Good Value Seats

Some of the best value seats at the New York Met Opera are in the center front rows of the three upper levels. The view from seat is not as clear this high up, so you may want to rent binoculars, but the acoustics are very impressive (some would say better than the Orchestra). Cheaper tickets in the center of the Balcony and Family Circle are well worth it if you want to enjoy an opera at this iconic venue and don’t mind missing some of the finer details.

Premium Seats

The center of the Orchestra, about midway back, is optimal for view and acoustics in this section; you will be able to see the performer’s faces quite clearly. The center of the Parterre and Grand Tiers (Rows A - C in particular) offer some of the best views in the Metropolitan Opera House and the Parterre is perfect if you want a luxury Box experience. Their elevated position above the stage is a great balance between sweeping views and excellent acoustics.

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Balcony A102

Metropolitan Opera House Balcony A102 view from seat photo
As this is an aisle seat you have extra room to stretch out your legs. The seats are quite narrow, impacting on comfort, toge... More
Romeo Et Juliette
Saw Romeo Et Juliette on 10 March 2024

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