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Minetta Lane Theatre, New York
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Minetta Lane Theatre Capacity

The Minetta Lane Theatre New York has a capacity of 363 seats.Use our interactive seating chart to view 12 seat reviews and 12 photos of views from seat.

Minetta Lane Theatre is a small Off-Broadway venue with two levels of seating. The Orchestra has 13 rows of seats facing head-on to the stage, divided by an off-center aisle. The Mezzanine comprises seven rows, also facing head-on to the stage.

The view from seat is largely very good no matter where you sit, but with a wide Orchestra it is best to choose central seats to avoid missing any action at the extreme sides of the stage. The Balcony is very steep, so may not be suitable for people with vertigo, but the view feels close and detailed.

Venue Overview

Tucked away in the West Village area of Greenwich Village, Minetta Lane Theatre in New York has been enthralling theatergoers with some of the very best Off-Broadway entertainment since 1984.

This intimate theater is unassuming from the outside - so small it is easy to miss when you walk past! However, behind its humble facade is a cozy 397-seat auditorium with a reputation for hosting hugely influential and innovative performances. Shows that have performed here include Marvin’s Room in 1992 and The Last Five Years in 2002.

The venue is operated by Liberty Theatres, and in 2018 broke new ground by striking a deal with Audible. The online audiobook and podcast giant has a sub-section known as Audible Theater that records live plays and readings; Audible produced a transfer of Boys and Girls starring Carey Mulligan at Minetta Lane Theatre and has since financed a number of plays, comedic shows, panel discussions and more.

As its partnership with Audible flourishes and more dynamic small-scale and new writing productions debut, this modest but mighty venue continues to be a gem of the NYC theater scene.

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Minetta Lane Theatre Seating Chart

Good Value Seats

The front rows of the Orchestra and middle rows of the Mezzanine are some of the best value seats. The stage is quite low, so you will not feel uncomfortable or have an obstructed view if you sit closer. The Mezzanine is steep but cheap tickets here promise a great view from seat.

Premium Seats

The best views in Minetta Lane Theatre are from the center of Orchestra rows F - H. From these seats, you are a perfect distance from the stage to see the full set, without missing any fine details and facial expressions.

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Minetta Lane Theatre, New York
Overall good view with fairly comfortable seats. I will say that if you have someone tall in front of you it could be an iss... More
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