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Mezzanine Guide

The Mezzanine is one level above the Orchestra, with a capacity of around 590 divided by aisles into Left, Right and Center sections. At either side there are two Boxes, which seat a further two people each.

Views in the Mezzanine are largely clear, thanks to a steep rake from front to back. However, the size of the section means sitting past the entrance between rows E and G provide a more distant and less detailed experience. The best seats to combine proximity with an excellent central view are in rows B and C of the Center Mezzanine.

There are a few areas which patrons may want to avoid if possible. In particular, shorter patrons might want to skip row A, where a safety bar can cut into the stage. Double-digit seats in the Left and Right Mezzanine are also less desirable, as their angle means action at the corresponding side of the stage is cut off.

For theatergoers on a budget, the back rows of the Mezzanine are an excellent choice, although it’s worth looking for an aisle seat where possible to avoid becoming uncomfortable.

There are four aisle transfer seats in the Nederlander Theatre Mezzanine, although the section is not served by an elevator.

Left Mezzanine

The Left Mezzanine comprises 14 rows from A to O, with odd-numbered seating in the range of 1 to 29. A steep rake ensures the stage is clearly visible from every row, although those at the back may feel more distant and less comfortable. In row A, a safety bar running across the front may be too high for shorter theatergoers, and as seats head towards the outside aisle, they become more angled, with sightlines of stage right (your left) less clear. Sitting on the inside of rows B or C are likely to provide the most impressive views in the section, therefore. Legroom across the Right Mezzanine is cramped, with extra space on the aisles, and prices are higher in the popular front rows.

Two Boxes seating a total of four people are to the side of this section, offering comfortable but angled views.

Right Mezzanine

The Right Mezzanine has 14 rows from A to O, with even-numbered seating escalating from 2 to 30 at its longest point. The best views are from the inside of rows B and C, which avoid any obstructions to sightlines. These may include the safety bar cutting into the stage from row A, an angled position in double-digit seats near the far aisle, and less detailed sightlines at the rear. The Right Mezzanine has a steep rake, however, which helps keep every row lifted above those in front; the back half of the section therefore provides plenty of opportunity for good value seats. Legroom across the Right Mezzanine is tight, with extra space on the aisles, and prices are highest in the more desirable front rows.

Two Boxes seating a total of four are to the side of this section, offering comfortable but angled views.

Center Mezzanine

The Center Mezzanine’s 15 rows run from A to P, with seats escalating from 101 to 115, right to left. The entrance and landing to the Mezzanine sits between rows E and G, creating a gap between seats 105 and 111 in rows G and H. Like the rest of the Mezzanine, legroom is at a premium, with more room on either aisle. A steep rake means views are clear and central from front to back, although sitting in the final few rows will mean a less detailed look at performances. The best views are from rows B and C, which have the advantage of proximity without the downside of row A’s safety bar cutting into the stage. Prices in the Center Mezzanine are highest in the front rows, with good value options past row L.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Row B in the Center Mezzanine is the best overall place to sit regardless of height. Unlike row A, which has a safety bar sticking up in front, even shorter theatergoers will be able to clearly see straight down to the stage for an excellent overhead look at the show.

Best legroom seats

Legroom is typically limited in the Mezzanine, so anyone who needs extra space should opt for an aisle seat. The inside aisles should be first choice, as they offer a more central view.


Shorter patrons may find the safety bar in front of row A obstructive
The best views are from rows B and C in the Center Mezzanine
The Mezzanine overhangs Orchestra row G, close to the stage
Good value seats are across row L backwards
Box seats are much better for legroom, but sit at an angle


Premium Mezzanine seats start at around the same price as the last few rows of the Center Orchestra, making them a good option for anyone who prefers an overhead view. The cheapest seats in the Nederlander Theatre are in the more distant back rows and seats towards the sides.


Bars are located in the Mezzanine and upper Mezzanine levels, serving a variety of snacks and drinks which can be taken back to your seats.


Men’s and women’s restrooms are both located on this level of the Nederlander Theatre. They serve audience members in the Orchestra as well, so queues may get long at the intermission.

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