Studio 54 Theatre, New York

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Studio 54 Theatre seating chart

Studio 54 Theatre Seating Chart

The Studio 54 Theatre has a capacity of 998 seats, including 511 seats in the Orchestra, 156 seats in the Mezzanine and 331 seats in the Rear Mezzanine. Use our interactive seating chart to view 31 seat reviews and 26 photos of views from seat.

Venue overview

The Studio 54 Theatre has a colorful history; having been built as an opera house in 1927, it spent much of the late 70s and early 80s as a world-famous nightclub for the disco era, attracting stars including Donna Summers. When the disco heyday eventually slowed down, Studio 54 remained largely vacant until Roundabout Theatre Company returned it to its theatrical roots with Cabaret in 1998.

Much like its history, the design of the theater is an eclectic mix which makes it completely unique. This is perhaps best shown by the lobby, which welcomes theatergoers with mirror-lined walls and rich chandeliers. When Cabaret first opened, Roundabout Theatre Company kept table seating on the ground floor to emulate the crumbling, lost decadence of a nightclub, although this was later adapted to a more traditional Orchestra layout.

Since reopening with a landmark production of Cabaret which played from 1998 to 2004, the Studio 54 Theatre has become a hotspot for new plays. Most notable is Lynn Nottage’s Sweat (2017), which won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and has since opened at London’s Donmar Warehouse. Other shows at the venue include a highly acclaimed Broadway premier of Assassins (2004), Carrie Fletcher’s one-woman show Wishful Drinking (2009) and An Act of God (2015), starring Jim Parsons.

There are around 920 seats in the Studio 54 Theatre, spread across the Orchestra, Front Mezzanine and Rear Mezzanine. The Orchestra and Front Mezzanine are divided into three sections each, with views best towards the center. The more distant - and very cramped - Rear Mezzanine has a further two sections positioned at either side. Many patrons are drawn to the Front Mezzanine for its almost uniformly fantastic sightlines which trump the back of the Orchestra. Conversely, the Rear Mezzanine is perfect for those choosing budget over proximity and comfort.


• Step-free from the street into accessible seating
• Children under 4 may not be admitted into the theater
• An elevator runs from the ground floor to the Golden Lounge
• Bag check may be in operation; leave plenty of time to reach your seats

Good value seats

In the Orchestra, rows F to H represent good value seats – they avoid any disruption from the Mezzanine overhang and are set at a comfortable distance to the stage. For theatergoers on a tighter budget, the front few rows of the Rear Mezzanine also offer value for money, with fairly impressive elevated views.

Premium seats

The best seats in Studio 54 Theatre are across rows A to E in the Center Orchestra and rows AA and BB in the middle of the Front Mezzanine. In particular, seats in the Orchestra are excellent for a detailed, immersive experience at a show, whilst the Center Front Mezzanine is very popular (and very pricey) thanks to its excellently raked seats and expansive overhead sightlines.