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Studio 54 Theatre

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Orchestra Guide

The Orchestra is the largest and priciest area of seating at the Studio 54 Theatre, with approximately 415 seats divided between the Left, Right and Center sections. Row AX at the very front of the Orchestra is sometimes removed, reducing the capacity by nine.

Views across the Orchestra are slightly mixed, with far side seats and those beyond row M being disrupted by angled sightlines and the Mezzanine overhang dropping into the top of the stage. However, in the front half, sightlines are impressive and detailed, especially in rows A to E of the Center Orchestra.

Legroom is not as bad here as it is in both Mezzanines above, but choosing an aisle seat is a smart guarantee for any taller theatergoers concerned about comfort and space. On the other hand, where shorter patrons may be happy with less legroom, they may find the back rows aren’t raked steeply enough to avoid people’s heads getting in the way.

The Orchestra is the most accessible area in the Studio 54 Theatre, with the bulk of wheelchair and transfer spots located in the front few rows.

Left Orchestra

The Left Orchestra has 15 rows from A to P, with odd-numbered seating in the range of 1 to 15. Some rows are shorter, with the front row having just three seats. Legroom is best on either aisle, but theatergoers should try the lower range such as D1 before the far side, where views of stage right are more restricted. Anyone sitting behind row M is also likely to have their sightline affected by the Mezzanine overhang, which cuts off the top of the stage. The best seats in this section are slightly further back, in the lower range of rows C to E. Tickets in the Left Orchestra are more expensive at the front, becoming cheaper at the back and sides.

Right Orchestra

There are 15 rows (A to P) of even-numbered seats in the Right Orchestra, starting at 2 on the inside aisle and reaching as high as 16 on the far side. The best views are from single-digit seats in rows D to E, which are at a comfortable distance from the stage. Double-digit seats in this section offer more angled sightlines, and action stage left (your right) may be partial view from here. At the rear, the rake is a little shallow, and the Mezzanine overhang cuts off the top of the stage after row M. The best legroom is on the inside aisle, which combines extra space with a more head-on sightline. Prices in the Right Orchestra are higher in the front rows, and gradually decrease at the back and far side.

Center Orchestra

The Center Orchestra comprises 16 rows from AX to P, with seats numbered in the range of 101 to 123, right to left. Row AX is not always in use for every performance, so patrons will find the best views in rows A to E, which are close to the stage with a head-on sightline. Rows F to H are also good for a fair view at a slightly lower price. Towards the rear, the Mezzanine overhang becomes obvious after row M when it drops into the top of the stage, and patrons may find it harder to catch every detail, and sometimes other theatergoers’ heads might cause obstructions too. Legroom across the section can be tight, but either aisle is a great option for patrons needing more space.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A to E in the Center Orchestra offer fantastically up-close sightlines of performances, with no obstructions to hinder the view. Patrons should check if row AX is in use before booking row A if they don’t want to be right at the front, however.

Best legroom seats

Legroom at the Studio 54 Theatre is average, so any taller patrons should try to grab an aisle seat where possible.


• The Mezzanine overhang cuts into the stage by row M
• Row A is sometimes the front row if row AX is not in use
• The best views are in the Center Orchestra, rows A to E
• Legroom combined with a good view is best on inside aisles
• Good value seats are across rows F to H


The Orchestra is the most expensive overall seating area at the Studio 54 Theatre, with premium seats placed centrally and close to the stage. Theatergoers wanting slightly cheaper seats on this level should look to the more restricted side and rear areas.


A bar is located on the Mezzanine level of the Studio 54 Theatre, selling a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.


The closest restrooms are on the Mezzanine level, although queues may get long at the intermission. An accessible restroom is available on the Orchestra level.

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