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Mezzanine Guide

The Rear Mezzanine is the furthest seating area from the stage at the Studio 54 Theatre. It rests in the same elevated balcony as the Front Mezzanine, with entrance along a horizontal aisle between the two. There are four distinct blocks of seating on this level, with a total capacity of around 330, including two transfer seats.

The main feature patrons will notice about the Rear Mezzanine is its steep rake. This is both a blessing and a cause for discomfort. Whilst it ensures each row has a great lift above those in front (avoiding the issue of heads blocking the view) it is not adequately offset by a decent pitch. Legroom is therefore very tight, and taller patrons should secure seats on the aisles or in the front row if possible.

This issue aside, views from the Rear Mezzanine are largely good, although they become more distant and less detailed in the back half. Seats at either side are also below average, offering more restricted sightlines of entrances and exits. For anyone on a budget who can live with limited legroom, there are plenty of seats which represent good value for money in this cheaper part of the theater.

Left Rear Mezzanine

The Left Rear Mezzanine comprises six short rows from HH to NN. Seats are largely odd-numbered from 1 to 7, with rows JJ and NN numbering 1 to 5. Every seat is to the side, meaning sightlines into stage right (your left) are obstructed; the best overall views are from the first couple of seats in row HH, therefore. The steep rake means each row is also very well lifted to avoid other patrons' heads getting in the way. The main downside of the section is its very tight legroom, with aisle seats being the safest option for taller patrons needing space to stretch out. Prices are fairly uniform, with the cheapest seats at the back.

Center Left Rear Mezzanine

The Center Left Rear Mezzanine has nine rows from EE to NN, with odd-numbered seating from 1 to 21. It sits directly behind a horizontal aisle, which allows some extra legroom. However, the section is quite tight on space, with aisles the best option for taller theatergoers. The railings behind the Front Mezzanine can cut into the stage for shorter patrons, who may prefer to sit a row or two back in this steeply raked section. With this in mind, the best seats are towards the inside of rows FF and GG, which have a good lift for a clear view. Further back, there is no Balcony overhang to contend with, with the main downside being the distance from the stage. Prices are highest on the inside of the front rows, with cheaper options at the back.

Right Rear Mezzanine

The Right Rear Mezzanine has six rows from HH to NN, with even-numbered seats in the range of 2 to 8. Rows JJ and NN are slightly shorter, numbering 2 to 6. The best seats are on the inside of row HH, which are the closest to the stage. Every seat is to the side, however, so patrons should expect to have less clean views of stage left (your right). The rake between rows is very steep, making it excellent for avoiding heads getting in the way of the stage, although it also means legroom is scarce. Patrons who need extra space should try to secure an aisle seat where possible. The section is one of the cheapest in the theater, with prices slightly higher in the front rows.

Center Right Rear Mezzanine

This section has nine rows from EE to NN, with even-numbered seating in the rage of 2 to 22. Row EE is directly behind a horizontal aisle, although the safety railings behind the Front Mezzanine can cause obstructed views for shorter patrons. The best seats are a therefore a little further back, on the inside of rows FF and GG. The section is very well-raked, meaning these rows and those behind have mainly clear sightlines, and the main downside at the rear is the distance from the stage below. Another issue is legroom, which is very cramped mid-row; patrons should choose an aisle seat where possible to get some extra space. Prices are highest on the inside of the front rows, with cheaper options at the rear.

Center Rear Mezzanine

The Center Rear Mezzanine comprises nine rows from EE to NN, with most numbering 201 to 213, right to left. The back four rows are shorter, stopping at seats 204 to 207. The high rails behind the Front Mezzanine and in front of row EE can cut into the stage and cause patrons to lean up or down; you may find the best seats are a couple of rows back in FF or GG, therefore. The entire section is steeply raked to avoid heads getting in the way, and for the most part even the back rows have central and clean views of the stage. On the downside, legroom remains very sparse, with some options for extra space in row EE or on the aisles. This is the most expensive block of seats in the Rear Mezzanine, with cheaper options in the back rows.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows FF and GG in the Center Rear Mezzanine are perfect. They benefit from the clean lift and proximity to the horizontal aisle in front of row EE, but avoid any safety railings cutting into the stage.

Best legroom seats

The Rear Mezzanine leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to legroom, and you may find it uncomfortable for prolonged periods. Taller theatergoers should therefore try and get a seat in the front row, behind the safety railing, or on one of the aisles.


• The safety railings in front of row EE can cut into the stage
• Legroom is very cramped up here – choose an aisle seat where possible
• The rake is quite steep, so be careful on the stairs
• The best seats are in the Center Rear Mezzanine, rows FF and GG
• Good value seats are aplenty, just a few rows back from the front


The Rear Mezzanine is the cheapest overall seating area in the Studio 54 Theatre, and thanks to its size there are lots of good value seats for anyone on a budget. The desirable front few rows are the most expensive.


A bar is located on the Mezzanine level of the theater, selling a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. These can be expensive however, so keep an eye out if you’re on a budget.


The closest restrooms are on the Mezzanine level, although queues may get long at the intermission. An accessible restroom is available on the Orchestra level.

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