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Mezzanine Guide

The American Airlines Theatre Mezzanine is relatively unique, having just one long curving section rather than the commonplace Left, Right and Center. With around 257 seats across seven rows, it is smaller than the Orchestra below but provides an additional six seats in Boxes at either side.

Views from the Mezzanine are impressive, due mainly to the section’s steep rake and the theater’s small size. Whilst seats at the far sides are more angled towards the stage, there are plenty of good value options, especially in the slightly distant back rows.

Like the Orchestra, the Mezzanine has better than average legroom, which makes up for the lack of inside aisles. Patrons who need a quick exit for the restroom may find this section harder to navigate, however.

There are five wheelchair spaces at the back of the Mezzanine, with companion seats available to book in adjacent spots. Two transfer seats are also located here, and as the section is serviced by an elevator, it is a good choice for patrons with limited mobility.

Prices in the Mezzanine are generally lower than the Orchestra, with the cheapest seats in the venue available towards the back and sides.

Main Mezzanine

The Mezzanine comprises seven rows from A to G, with most running continuously from 101 to 140 or 141. In the back two rows, seats stop halfway, creating a small aisle close to the center. The best views are from the middle seats in rows A to C, although a safety bar along row A might cut into the view for shorter patrons. The section’s steep rake means people sitting in front won’t block the view, and even those in the cheapest back row will have a clear, if more distant, view of the entire set. Towards the far sides, patrons can more easily reach the stairs, but sightlines are slightly more angled. Prices are highest in the premium middle and front rows, with cheaper options at the rear and sides.

Mezzanine Boxes

The Mezzanine has two Boxes, with one positioned at either side of the Main Mezzanine seats. Each has six adjustable seats which provide plenty of legroom, and patrons can move to get the best or most comfortable view. These seats rest at an angle to the stage so sightlines of entrances and exits will be cut off, but the theater’s small size means they nevertheless present a good option for anyone wanting a more private viewing experience.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Mezzanine seats as close to the middle of rows A to C as possible offer fantastic overhead views of the stage which are perfect for impressive sets and sweeping action.

Best legroom seats

Legroom is better than average in the Mezzanine, although for anyone wanting extra there are fewer choices than usual. Sitting on either aisle will guarantee more space to spread out, whilst the back two rows end halfway along for a more central view.


• There is no center aisle – sit close to the side if you need a quick restroom exit
• Legroom is usually better than average in the Mezzanine
• Central seats in rows A to C provide excellent overhead sightlines
• Seats at the far sides are more restricted view


The front rows of the Center Mezzanine are priced similarly to the middle and back rows of the Center Orchestra to reflect their excellent sightlines and position. Theatergoers looking for the cheapest seats should expect to sit in the back row or far sides of the Mezzanine.


Snacks and drinks are available in the fifth floor Penthouse Lounge, which is open for pre-show drinks and during the intermission. Other bars are on the Orchestra level.


Men’s and women’s restrooms are located on the Orchestra level, with additional options in the Penthouse Lounge on the fifth floor. Patrons using accessible restrooms will find one near the lobby and one in the Penthouse Lounge.

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