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Orchestra Guide

The American Airlines Theatre Orchestra is the largest area of seating, positioned on ground level close to the stage. Around 470 seats are split across three sections - the Left, Center and Right Orchestra – with aisles running between each. Two Boxes seating six patrons each are elevated at either side of the Orchestra.

The Mezzanine overhang starts at Orchestra row H; seats beyond N experience cut-off at the top of the stage. Views across the Orchestra are generally very good thanks to the small auditorium, so patrons will never feel too removed from the drama onstage. The best views – and most expensive seats – are a few rows from the front of the Center Orchestra, where patrons can enjoy clear, close-up details of the set and performances. Rows C to H are good options for comfort and proximity.

Legroom is better on aisle seats, although on the whole the Orchestra has much better legroom than the average Broadway venue.

Six wheelchair and six transfer seats are available across all three blocks, with adjacent companion seats also provided. The American Airlines Theatre Orchestra is mainly step-free, with a couple of steps down to the back rows.

Left Orchestra

The Left Orchestra comprises 15 rows from A to P, with odd-numbered seating stretching from 1 to 23 on the far aisle. Row lengths can vary however, with just three seats in row A. Legroom is best on either aisle, but patrons should try the inside first, as views of the stage at the far side are more angled. The best seats are a few rows back, such as C to E, on the inside of the section. These are a comfortable distance from the stage so patrons can avoid neck craning. Prices are highest towards the front and inside, with cheaper seats behind the Mezzanine overhang in rows N to P.

A Box seating six people is elevated to the left of this section, offering a less crowded but angled view.

Right Orchestra

The Right Orchestra has 15 rows from A to P, with even-numbered seating in the range of 2 to 24. Rows near the front and back can be shorter, with between three and five seats. The best views are from the inside of rows C to E, which sit at a comfortable distance from the stage and aren’t too far over. Double-digit seats closer to the far aisle give a more angled view, with entrances and exits on stage left cut off. The Mezzanine overhang can drop into the top of the stage by row N, but overall seats are well-raked and intimate, with prices highest in the front and inside.

A Box accommodating six people is elevated to the side of the Right Orchestra, offering very detailed but slightly side-on views of the stage.

Center Orchestra

The Center Orchestra has some of the best seats in the house, with 15 rows from AA to O. Seat numbers escalate from 101 to 116 at the section’s widest, with the best views from rows C to H. Patrons sitting along these rows are at a good distance from the stage, whereas the front few rows (AA to B) might be a little close to comfortably catch everything. Shorter patrons may find the rake more restrictive towards the back, and the Mezzanine overhang drops down by row N; however, each seat faces close to head-on to the stage so patrons sitting anywhere along a row can benefit from a clear sightline. Seating in the Center Orchestra is the most expensive overall, although prices drop in the back half.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows C to H in the Center Orchestra are excellent – not too close to the stage to be uncomfortable, and perfectly positioned to catch action from every angle. This is a small auditorium however, so sitting further back or slightly to the sides shouldn’t be a problem.

Best legroom seats

Aisle seats offer the best legroom, and theatergoers wanting a bit of extra space should look at the Center Orchestra or the inner sides of the Left and Right Orchestra first. On the whole, legroom at the American Airlines Theatre is a bit better than average, however.


• The Mezzanine overhang starts at row H and drops into the stage by row N
• The best seats are in the Center Orchestra, rows C to E
• The auditorium is small and intimate – seats further back are good value
• Step-free wheelchair spaces are available at the back of the section
• Legroom is better than average for a Broadway theater


The Orchestra is the most expensive area of seating in the American Airlines Theatre, with premium pricing in the front few rows of the Center Orchestra. Prices tend to decrease gradually towards the back and sides of the section, where views are less clean but still decent.


Snacks and drinks are available at bars on the Orchestra level of the American Airlines Theatre. The Penthouse Lounge on the fifth floor also provides a spot for relaxing for a pre-show drink.


Men’s and women’s restrooms are located on this level, with additional options in the Penthouse Lounge on the fifth floor. Patrons using accessible restrooms will find one near the lobby and one in the Penthouse Lounge.

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