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ABBA Arena Capacity

The ABBA Arena London has a capacity of 1800 seats.Use our interactive seating plan to view 579 seat reviews and 492 photos of views from seat.

Whether you want to be in the midst of the action or enjoying a private party for you and your friends, the state of the art, purpose-built auditorium at ABBA Arena promises a great night wherever you sit or stand. Closest to the stage is the unreserved, standing Dance Floor, surrounded by five blocks of seating, with another five larger blocks of seating behind this. There are also eight Dance Booths - four either side of the central rear seating block - which have their own private dance floors.

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ABBA Arena Seating Plan

Best Seats in Seated Sections

The best seated views are in the most central sections, Block C and Block H. Many of the spectacular lighting effects hang over the Dance Floor, so sitting in the front or middle of Block H will give you an incredible overall view of the whole experience, without feeling like you are too far from the amazing holographic 'ABBAtars' and live musicians on the stage.

Dance Floor – Standing Only

The Dance Floor is the place to be if you really want to feel like you are in front of the stage at an actual ABBA concert. This will give you the closest view of the 'ABBAtars' while being fully immersed in the lighting and special effects. On the Dance Floor you can move freely, dance to your heart’s content, and have easy access to the bars and toilets. Note that it may be preferable not to place yourself directly in front of the stage, as you will need to look up a fair bit and miss the wider view of the show, similar to being too close to the front at a cinema. For more detail, read our in-depth review of the Dance Floor Experience here.

Dance Booth – Best of Both Worlds

The Dance Booths are a fantastic choice for small groups who want their own ABBA party. Each booth can accommodate up to 10 or 12 people and includes a private dance floor as well as a couch to sit on when you need a break from dancing. The Dance Booths come at a higher price per ticket than other sections but are worth it for providing the ultimate ABBA Arena experience.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Block K F12

ABBA Arena Block K F12 view from seat photo
Classed as side view but you can see everything! Fairly close to the stage and generally fab view. Highly recomend this seat! More
ABBA Voyage
Saw ABBA Voyage on 16 May 2024

Block A B2 Verified

ABBA Arena Block A B2 view from seat photo
Seat comfortable and lots of leg room especially as no seat in front of this one. Although on the side the view of the show i... More
ABBA Voyage
Saw ABBA Voyage on 11 May 2024

Block H N17

ABBA Arena Block H N17 view from seat photo
the photo makes it look further than it is- great view of the stage! don’t worry about being far back, you still get a good v... More
ABBA Voyage
Saw ABBA Voyage on 05 May 2024

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