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58 Balcony photos

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Balcony guide

The Balcony is extremely steep and may cause dizziness to those sat on the front row. The balcony sits directly above the Upper Circle, and although it feels very high above the stalls, provides a good overall view of the stage and action. The biggest restriction in this section comes from lighting and sound equipment that does vary between performances. Rows A B and C are away from the ceiling, but further back the ceiling comes clearly into view restricting the top of the stage. Row A is a lot lower than the other seats, and is obstructed by a high wall around the balcony. The best seats on this row are in between the lighting equipment. Avoid seats A8-14, and seats 15-18 have the least obstructions on this row. They are particularly good value for money, and it is often possible to move to a better seat. Row A curves around considerably but rows B-F are straight up, higher into the Gods. Safety rails are in front of each row, but do not restrict the view, instead keep you from toppling over!


There is a small side room bar on the right-side of the Balcony section, with seating available.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are available on this level.

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