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The Stalls are divided into two sections, with an aisle that runs horizontally behind Row R. Depending on the show, seats in the centre can be removed to create an aisle in the middle. The best views and legroom can be found in the larger front section of seating, which is well raked and allows you to see past audience heads.

The Dress Circle overhang begins at Row H, but only begins to affect seats from Row N. Seats are head-on to the stage, ensuring no side-views, with seats at the ends of rows providing decent sight-lines.

Stalls Boxes are available at the front of the seating and offer a very angled view of the stage, which means action on the side closest to the Box may be missed. These should only be selected if discounted.


The bar is located 13 steps down from the Stalls. There is seating available in the bar. Staff will offer assistance with purchasing refreshments on behalf of wheelchair patrons.


Women’s toilets are at the front of the Stalls, and Men’s toilets are near the Stalls bar. There is a fully adapted unisex toilet on this level.