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    Dress Circle F43, Dress Circle F44

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    Getting into the Venue

    The Apollo Victoria main entrance is located on Wilton Road, directly opposite Victoria station. There are 4 steps up from street level to the main foyer. An alternative access entrance is via the Vauxhall Bridge Road entrance. A wheelchair lift provides level access to the foyer facilities and an accessible toilet. The lift also gives access to the Circle. There is a maximum weight limit of 200kg, with dimensions of 29”x33”.

    The Stalls and Circle seating must be accessed by stairs, which have handrails in place throughout the theatre. There is no customer lift.

    Customer Assistance

    If requested, the Apollo Victoria provides a dedicated Access Host upon arrival, who will assist customers throughout their visit.

    Customers must notify a member of staff on arrival in order to use the wheelchair accessible entrance. It is recommended that customers wishing to use wheelchair facilities should arrive 45 minutes before the performance begins.

    There is an in-house wheelchair that can be reserved when booking, which staff will make available. Those wishing to transfer to fixed seating must arrange this at the time of booking. Transfer seats are available in the Circle. Staff are not able to assist with transfers, but are able to store wheelchairs for the duration of the performance. An at-seat service is available for patrons who are unable to access the bar.

    How to Book

    Those who require specific access facilities or seating requirements must book in advance through the Apollo Victoria Box Office. It is important to contact the theatre prior to your visit in order to notify staff and check availability as wheelchair spaces are in high demand. Access patrons are able to purchase seats for £35 each, for both the patron and a companion. Premium seats are not included.

    For further information and accessibility booking, please call: 020 7828 7074 or email:

    Section Accessibility


    The Stalls are accessible via 29 steps (3 flights) down from the foyer, with handrails in place. There is a very slight incline once in the Stalls auditorium, but no steps. There is no customer lift to access the Stalls. This section is not recommended for those with limited mobility.

    Seats within the Stalls provide excellent legroom, specifically towards the rear.

    Dress Circle

    There are 13 steps up (1 flight) to the front of the Circle, with handrails in place. Alternatively, there is a wheelchair lift from the foyer to the front of the Circle. This gives level access to Row F, where there are 4 wheelchair spaces and transfer seats. Transfer seats are available throughout the Circle.

    There are 14 steps down from Row F to Row A. There are 37 steps in total that lead to the mid-rear of the Circle, which include 25 steps (4 flights) up the Circle bar and 12 more steps up to the auditorium. Handrails are in place on all staircases. Once inside the auditorium there are further steps up to seats, which do not include handrails.

    Extra Legroom can be found in Row F.

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