Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating plan

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Apollo Victoria Theatre seating plan

Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating Plan

The Apollo Victoria Theatre has a capacity of 2328 seats, including 1298 seats in the Stalls and 1030 seats in the Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 3078 seat reviews and 1400 photos of views from seat.

Venue overview

The Apollo Victoria is one of the largest venues on the West End, with a seating capacity of 2,304. It is a beautiful Art Deco building, which originally opened as a cinema in the 1930's. The building became a theatre in 1981 and has hosted prolific musicals such as the long-running Starlight Express from 1984-2002.

The theatre has housed Wicked since 2006, decorating the building to reflect the emerald green Oz.

Seating is divided over two levels of almost equal capacity. Sight-lines are good throughout the auditorium, however the rear of the Circle can feel very distant.

Good value seats

The front row of the Stalls is sold as Day Seats, meaning that they go on sale for a reduced price from 10am on the day of each performance. You must arrive in person to buy them. Bear in mind that sitting so close to the stage may cause a bit of neck-ache as you look up!

Premium seats

For a panoramic and clear view of the stage, the centre of the Stalls is highly recommended. Sitting in Row K-T allows you to absorb the wonderful set and special effects, yet still feel fully involved in the performance. Sit right up close for an incredibly immersive experience!

Recent seat reviews

Circle O43

Chipgirl100 5"7, 22 reviews
Apollo Victoria Theatre O43 view from seat photo

The seat is quite far away from the stage so things like facial expressions are lost. But the seat does give a good overview of the stage and the sound travels beautifully to your seat. Probably a better seat choice if you’ve seen the show before.... More

Saw Wicked Wicked on 30 November 2017

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Circle B25

eleanorrose 5"1, 2 reviews
Apollo Victoria Theatre B25 view from seat photo

While these are the best Circle seats anyway, the fact that the seats in front of and to the right of me were free made it even better. I could see everything, which made Defying Gravity very easy to see, though I did have to lean forward a little to... More

Saw Wicked Wicked on 25 October 2017

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Circle R33

benhagle 180 cm, 4 reviews
Apollo Victoria Theatre R33 view from seat photo

The view was okay, quite good for what you pay for. I didn't have a problem seeing anything. The seat was comfortable enough, but my knee kept hitting the binoculars. I moved to a vacant seat much closer to the front of the circle for the second half... More

Saw Wicked Wicked on 13 November 2017

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