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Apollo Victoria Theatre
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Apollo Victoria Theatre Capacity

The Apollo Victoria Theatre has a capacity of 2328 seats. Section capacities are 1298 Stalls and 1030 Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 8137 seat reviews and 5636 photos of views from seat.

Sight lines are good throughout the auditorium, however, the rear of the Circle can feel very distant.

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Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

The front row of the Stalls is sold as Day Seats, meaning that they go on sale for a reduced price from 10am on the day of each performance. You must arrive in person to buy them. Bear in mind that sitting so close to the stage may cause a bit of neck-ache as you look up!

Premium seats

For a panoramic and clear view of the stage, the centre of the Stalls is highly recommended. Sitting in Row K-T allows you to absorb the wonderful set and special effects, yet still feel fully involved in the performance. Sit right up close for an incredibly immersive experience!

Recent Audience Photos

Circle N15

domjast 10 reviews

The view was very good for the price I paid, this was my first time seeing the show and I didn’t feel as though my seat stopped me from experiencing the whole vibe of the show. My legs were hurting throughout act 1 and act 2 even though I am quite... More

Saw Wicked Wicked on 15 March 2023

Stalls A17

rikkiONshow 5' 10", 599 reviews, 5 helpful votes

It really is an incredible view sitting here and it does help being on a slight angle to the stage. Some action takes place right above your head but if you do look up, you can see most of it happen. You will miss some action too when actors block... More

Saw Wicked Wicked on 08 March 2023

Circle A10

katiemonaghan 5' 1", 17 reviews

the view was incredible and you could see everything, apart from the very very front of the stage. you do have to sit forward if you want to see those little bits but they only use it two/three times throughout the show. More

Saw Wicked Wicked on 05 March 2023

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