Arts Theatre Seating plan

Arts Theatre seating plan

Arts Theatre Seating Plan

The Arts Theatre has a capacity of 352 seats, including 230 seats in the Stalls and 122 seats in the Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 788 seat reviews and 679 photos of views from seat.

Venue overview

The Arts Theatre is situated in Leicester Square, in the heart of the West End. Opening in 1927 as a private members club, the venue is now an independent theatre which provides a platform for smaller plays and musicals.

The auditorium is intimate, with a capacity of 350 across the Stalls and the Circle. It is a traditional black box theatre, which boasts good views throughout.

After a refurbishment in 2009, the Arts Theatre hosts comfortable seats and good overall sight-lines. Slight restrictions can be found at the ends of Row J, which are behind pillars, and Rows M and N, which are affected by the Circle overhang. Slip seats in the Circle are restricted due to the angle of the seating.

Good value seats

The Circle Slips are usually heavily discounted, due to facing side-on to the stage. These seats can be excellent value for money, particularly seats 8-14, which are in front of seats 1-7. As they are angled towards the stage, some leaning is required, but the whole stage can be seen. These are benches rather than theatre seats.

Premium seats

The best seats for viewing the action on stage are the centre of rows B-H in the Stalls and the centre of rows B-C in the Circle. From these seats you will be able to clearly see all the action on stage without any kind of viewing restriction or inconvenience.

Recent seat reviews

Stalls A14

robscoynes5'6, 10 reviews
Arts Theatre A14 view from seat photo

All of the stage was perfectly visible and you are up close to the action which is perfect. You can however see a lot of the action in the wings which some people like, some don't. Due to being at the end of the aisle you do have a lot of legroom, ho... More

Saw The Toxic Avenger The Toxic Avenger on 19 November 2017

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Stalls H2

Charmainf5ft 4", 126 reviews, 8 helpful votes
Arts Theatre H2 view from seat photo

On the plus side, the seat provides an excellent view. I was really pleased with that and for that I would sit here again. Leg room is okay. On the downside, the seating in this theatre is really old and the back of the seat has hardly any padding le... More

Saw The Toxic Avenger The Toxic Avenger on 18 November 2017

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