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Stalls Guide

The Stalls are very intimate, with a capacity of around 220 and an average of 16 seats per row. Each seat offers a close view of the action, however pillars and the Circle overhang do offer some restrictions.

Seats at the ends of Row J are restricted view due to support pillars, but this is reflected in the price. Seats in Rows M and N are slightly obstructed due to the Circle overhang which is reflected in the price but is not specified at the time of booking. Seats in these rows also suffer from lack of padding.

The best views are in seats 3-14 in rows B-H. These seats have clear, unobstructed views of the stage. Be aware that the front rows might mean you have to crane your neck.


A bar is available in the foyer, with movable seating.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are situated in the Stalls, 19 steps down from the foyer. Cubicles are very narrow.

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