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The Stalls are fairly intimate, with rows getting wider towards the rear of the section. An aisle divides the Stalls partway, giving extra legroom to those in rows G-O. The rake does not begin until Row H, causing seats at the very front to have slight restrictions due to the height of the stage.

Seats at the ends of rows A-E are restricted view, so it is best to sit as centrally as possible. Due to the intimacy of the theatre, seats do not feel distant from the stage. The Dress Circle overhang is visible in the final two rows, but does not restrict the view.


A bar is available on this level, with movable seating available. An at-seat service is available for patrons who are unable to access the bars.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are available on this level. An adapted toilet is located on this level, with inward opening doors.