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Duke of York's Theatre

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Stalls Guide

The Stalls are one large section of seating, with a large number of rows extending from AA-U. The longest rows are in the centre, with 21 seats. Seats are head-on, which can cause seats at the ends of rows to be restricted view. Support pillars at the ends of Row H and Q are restrictive, and it would be advisable to avoid seats situated behind these. Seats next to pillars are also severely affected for legroom.

The Royal Circle overhangs the rear of the Stalls, creating obstructions beginning at Row J and back and cutting off the top of the stage from Row K and back. Depending on the show, these seats are good value for money.

A sound box takes seats away from Row U to S. The rear of the Stalls feels very distant, and a low-rake means obstructions from other audience members. Legroom on the whole is adequate.


The Stalls bar is located 21 steps down from the main foyer and has movable seating.


Men’s toilets can be found off the Stalls bar and the closest Women’s toilets are located up towards the Royal Circle.

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