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The Royal Circle is deeply curved and can be blocked by Boxes either side of the stage. This section is quite low and feels close to the stage, which means that the best seats are in the front rows. Rows are longer in this section, which means that seats towards the ends of the rows offer a side-view of the stage. These seats should be avoided unless discounted.

This section is heavily raked, meaning visibility towards the rear is good for those sitting centrally. The Upper Circle overhang affects views from Row C and back. Legroom is acceptable, with the section feeling intimate and comfortable.


Bars are located in the Stalls and Upper Circle and cannot be accessed by wheelchair users or those with limited mobility. An at-seat service as available for patrons who are unable to access the bars. Staff must be notified.


Women’s toilets can be found 2 steps up from the foyer, whilst the closest Men’s toilets are on the other theatre levels. An adapted toilet is located on the right hand side of the main foyer on the Royal Circle level. There is level access to this toilet, although turning space is very tight.