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Fortune Theatre
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Fortune Theatre Capacity

The Fortune Theatre has a capacity of 447 seats. Section capacities are 205 Stalls, 112 Dress Circle and 130 Upper Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 1179 seat reviews and 808 photos of views from seat.

The theatre has a particularly high stage and there is no rake in the Stalls section, which can feel quite cramped. The quality of views across the auditorium can vary quite dramatically.

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Fortune Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Excellent prices can be found throughout the Fortune Theatre, with cheaper seats available in the Upper Circle and rear of the Stalls. Restricted view seats are sometimes worth a risk, but crucial action could be missed. Row L is an excellent bet for those on a strict budget.

Premium seats

Premium seats are around the centre in Row D, from seats 11-14. These do not suffer from the rake and provide clear views of the whole stage and action.

Recent Audience Photos

Stalls AA4

JulesH29 4' 11", 17 reviews

Both my daughter and I had to sit on booster seats since the stage is high. If we hadn't done this we would have missed a bit since we are both under 5ft. The photo is with the booster. Once on the boosters we could see really well, although my n... More

Saw Operation Mincemeat Operation Mincemeat on 29 May 2023

Stalls A14

WillSo 74 reviews

It’s such an odd seat, you have to kinda straddle the lighting rig unless you’ve got small legs, it’s fine it’s not uncomfortable but is something to consider… the seat next to it doesn’t & definitely doesn’t have an obstruction (besides a desk se... More

Saw Operation Mincemeat Operation Mincemeat on 23 May 2023

Stalls D7

CaroleJS 5', 11 reviews

Very good view close to the stage. Not a problem seeing the action, although any closer and you could be craning your neck. Just before the overhang of the Dress Circle, too so not obscured anywhere. There’s not much of a rake, so it might be a pr... More

Saw Operation Mincemeat Operation Mincemeat on 23 May 2023

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