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Gillian Lynne Theatre

Getting into the Venue

There is step-free access to the Gillian Lynne Theatre main entrance, located on Drury Lane. Upon entering the theatre, the Box Office is to the right with a lowered counter. A drop-off point is located outside of the theatre.

There is an escalator up from the foyer to the mezzanine, which leads to steps to access the Stalls and Circle. Steps are carpeted throughout the theatre and all staircases are highlighted, with handrails either side.

An alternative entrance for access patrons is available via a lift inside the Stage Door on Parker Mews. The lift gives level access to the Stalls and is only available for access patrons. There is a steep ramp over 2 steps to the lift entrance, which leads to wheelchair spaces at the back of the auditorium.

Customer Assistance

For those who wish to use the accessible lift at the Stage Door, a member of the Front of House staff should be notified on arrival. An at-seat service is available for access patrons.

A maximum of 2 wheelchair and 1 scooter transfers are available, and those wishing to transfer must bring a companion. Scooter users are able to access the main foyer, but must transfer into the theatre’s wheelchair to access the auditorium.

How to Book

For those who require special assistance or wish to book wheelchair spaces and transfer seats, it is important to book in advance and notify the theatre of any special requirements. Discounted tickets are available and must be booked through the Box Office. Depending on the production, LW Theatres offer 50% off the ticketed price, or buy one get one free, for one access patron and a companion.

For further information, ticket bookings and assistance please call: 0844 412 48 (calls cost 7p/pm) or email: or

Section Accessibility


The Stalls can be accessed via an escalator from foyer to mezzanine, with a further 32 steps up to the front of the Stalls or 41 steps to the rear of the Stalls. All staircases have handrails and steps are highlighted. An alternative entrance on Parker Mews gives level access to the Stalls via 2 steps to a lift.

Extra legroom can be found in the Stalls. This section is recommended for those with limited mobility.


The Circle can be accessed via an escalator from foyer to mezzanine, and a further 65 steps up to the section. All staircases are highlighted have handrails either side. Once inside the auditorium, there are 3 steps between each row.

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