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Gillian Lynne Theatre
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Gillian Lynne Theatre Capacity

The Gillian Lynne Theatre has a capacity of 1299 seats. Section capacities are 862 Stalls and 437 Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 2592 seat reviews and 2482 photos of views from seat.

The Gillian Lynne Theatre features a thrust stage that juts into the auditorium, causing seats to surround the stage in a square horseshoe shape. Seats in the sides of rows I-S face the stage side-on.

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Gillian Lynne Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Discounts are available both the Circle and in seats down the sides of the thrust stage, which offer very angled views of the stage. Fortunately, productions that come to the Gillian Lynne Theatre play to all sides of the audience, so you will never feel left out sitting here!

Premium seats

The best seats in the Gillian Lynne Theatre are located in the mid-front section of the Stalls, with the central most section offering the best views. Seats are well-raked, ensuring a great view from anywhere. It is recommended to sit in seats 15-37 for the most central view.

Recent Audience Photos

Stalls K45

TheatreAddiction 5' 7", 8 reviews

These are some of the very best seats in the house. Eye-level with the actors and a perfect view of the entire width of the stage. Technically for this show you could even go a few rows further forward if you like the immersive feeling. Being a m... More

Saw The Lehman Trilogy The Lehman Trilogy on 18 May 2023

Stalls L60

ceebee 5' 3", 5 reviews

This view doesn't photograph well as the safety curtain is black so you lose perspective. This seat on the side but still had a full view of the stage - no part of the stage was out of vision. I would guess you'd get a good view from any seat in... More

Saw The Lehman Trilogy The Lehman Trilogy on 18 May 2023

Circle A22

sabinak2 8 reviews

For this specific show it was very good. The seat is a bit more to the side than I thought and if you wanted to see a full stage you'd have to lean forward. However this play doesn't use sides of the stage at all so there's no need to lean, every... More

Saw The Lehman Trilogy The Lehman Trilogy on 09 May 2023

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